One day in spring 2003, a young man called Riccardo Tisci stopped by the studio
of M/M (Paris) to buy a couple of their Alphabet posters he was admiring.
Two years later as the newly appointed creative director for Givenchy,
Tisci invited M/M to develop an ever-expanding visual langage for the revered
fashion house. Invitation cards for his fashion shows have become a space of visual
experimentations through which M/M freely express Tisci’s inspirations.
‘Hyper-chic propaganda, imperceptible appeals, juvenile graffiti, interweaving dark
choruses and hypothetical calculations of the imaginary’, as described
by Olivier Zahm, these invitations for the women, men and haute couture collections
of Givenchy are gathered for the first time in this publication, celebrating this
fertile collaboration — an original and rare happening in fashion imagery —
that is still going strong.