New brand at Storm - NiTH
NITH was started in order to offer an alternative and colorful way of making fashion. The mission is to create and share the joy of sustainable design that contributes to looking after our future generations by designs, holding multiple fashion seasons for all types.

NITH products are deeply rooted in slow fashion principles and values, where the inherent love, genesis and presence of the design are essential for durable and quality conscious products. NITH believes that clothes have meaning, well thought out and historically linked or focused around slowness. Every style has greater existence, justification and thus creates better, present, robust and reflected sustainable products.

All knit designs are based on well-known techniques and seek to challenge and break with the classic way of thinking knit by experimenting with innovative and intricate material compositions, colors and a well thought out tactile experience.

NITH works from a recycle dead stock approach and only uses the residual lots and surplus materials of yarn from major yarn suppliers and yarn producers, both in Denmark and the rest of Europe.

Photos by Oliver Knauer

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