The Surface Issue

The Surface Issue

If Not Now

If Not Now is a book about time, and its second volume is the result of time spent observing, learning from and working with Earth's tangible, physical surfaces.

Exhibiting creative and artistic work that studies our relationship with the environment, INN.02 draws parallels between body and biosphere while demonstrating diverse notions of nature and that which constitutes the manufactured world.

Feature subjects share their actions toward a just ecosystem in the fields of upcycling, film production, fashion, floristry, farming, science and technology, generating a colourful micro-glance at our physical world; a creative canvas and a moral playground.
Ark Journal Volume IX

Ark Journal Volume IX

Ark Journal

Ark Journal Volume IX uses the question ‘What is already there?’ to examine the creativity and hard work that go into new projects and those involving renovation, restoration and extension.
We delve into the rich architectural heritage of Copenhagen and visit the listed and renovated Copenhagen apartment of an artist couple who were at pains to preserve its soul but also make it a family home. A photo essay by architect Mathias Mentze captures the rich colours, mosaic floors and frescoes of Copenhagen’s oldest museum, Thorvaldsen Museum, and a special insert showcases the work of Copenhagen-based artist Albert Grøndahl, a photographer who explores the intersection of personal narratives and cultural and historical references.  
A Mexican gallery couple has transformed a series of ruins into a home filled with art that blends indoor and outdoor spaces, maintaining the existing structures and incorporating them into a harmonious blend of old and new.
The architectural and design practice of Fanny Bauer Grung and David Lopez Quincoces believes the idea that old and new can do more than simply co-exist but can illuminate the past and the present and we see this philosophy in action in their home and new studio in Milan.
At its core, good design and architecture have the power to evoke emotions and elevate our experiences within a space. Volume IX finds residences and spaces where design has a profound physical and emotional impact: the studio and home of Finnish master designer Yrjö Kukkapuro, a home in Oaxaca open to the jungle, a transparent Antwerp penthouse, a modest but soulful mid-century house in Los Angeles, and many more.

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Issue 38

Issue 38

Purple Magazine

Issue 38 - The 30 yrs issue. 

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Issue No. 1

Issue No. 1


In this issue, perediza opens with climate change facts and concerns from the 2021 & 2022 IPCC reports, an in-depth analysis of how Mika Rottenberg's work critiques structures of commodities in modern society, Scandinavian architecture and what makes it so attractive to the youth globally, a beautiful comic illustration of how imagery in fairytales can teach us about our own mental health, Stoicism and how it can help us move on, and more.
No. 12

No. 12

Plethora Magazine

Issue no. 12 of Plethora Magazine delves into hidden patterns behind all natural form in pursuit of the fractal codes that shape progressions of growth, transformation and dispersion in the vast splendor of organic structures. When tracing the archetypical outlines of these dynamic configurations, intricate formulars are revealed that allows profound insights to the blueprints of the seemingly chaotic fabric of life. Slowly a new order appears in the wild lines of turbulence, propagation and dispersion and clues emerge that we may later harness through a fragmented prism of logic and intuition of form.

Specifications - Limited edition of 1000 copies. Handmade archival folder. 70,5 x 50,5 cm. 52 pages. Printed by Narayana Press. 94% certified sustainable production.
no. 6

no. 6


HÅNDVÆRK highlights the connection between sustainable and durable practices and a fundamental grasp of materials and artisanal techniques.

HÅNDVÆRK takes the reader behind the scene of crafts, architecture and design in respectful and in-depth interviews accompanied by beautiful photographs presented in quality print on superior paper.

Specifications - Softcover.

Issue 01: Resurrected
Emerging from 2021 into an era of awakenment, INN’s pilot issue introduces contemporary work and activities that challenge important and evermore relevant issues continuing to exist post-COVID19 lockdown. With feature stories and creative work in the fields of migration, technology, sustainable fashion, food waste, and racial equality among others, INN.01 sets the tone for its ten-part series subject matter with an attitude that celebrates the power of now.

The 47th issue of†Harvard Design Magazine†is a renewed call to expand the architectural imagination to the interior. We go inside to consider the interiorís equipment and furnishings; its textures, colors, and atmospheres; its relationships with the body and the senses; and its potential to organize and influence human behavior, health, and everyday life.

ìWhat about the inside?î asked Mohsen Mostafavi in 2008, when he began his deanship at the Harvard GSD. In the midst of a global financial crisis, the first iPhone release, and intensifying Obama campaign chants of ìYes We Can,î a disoriented generation of students and practitioners were reassessing their discipline. No longer tasked with generating monumental megaprojects, architects had to find other, more modest ways to make an impact. It was an apt moment to look inwardóto reassess, and even redefine, the boundaries of the design disciplines.

Mohsenís question prompted this magazineís 29th issue, developed around the idea that the interior had been neglected, even trivialized, in practice and discourse. It was a call for experimental collaboration among the design disciplines, and for a reintegration of the realms in which they operate. A decade later, as Mohsenís deanship comes to a close, weíve gone inside once again by way of the rich history of the magazine itself.

Highlighting and reflecting on†Harvard Design Magazineís archive, and presenting innovative approaches to interior spaces past and present, ìInside Scoopî opens up the magazine as an interior itself, one housing vital objects of thought.


No.4 HÂndvÊrk

The fourth issue of HA?NDVÆRK bookazine bears the title "Plant-based". HA?NDVÆRK bookazine has a strong root system, and this issue quite literally goes back to the roots; to nature and its materials, to the plants as a source of inspiration, as a starting point to produce materials and as a source of life – a life which depends on the survival of the bees and in general on the cycle of nature. HA?NDVÆRK bookazine no. 4 contains all of this – as always with a focus on materials and processes as a prerequisite for a sustainable practice in crafts, craftsmanship, art, and design.

Specifications - Soft cover. Language: English. Biannual bookazine.


Issue 39 Kinfolk Magazine

Individually formative and culturally formidable, youth looms large in the collective imagination. Kinfolk’s Spring Issue is a playbook for the young—and the young at heart.

Specifications - 192 pages, offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated and coated paper. Printed in the United Kingdom.


Issue 35 Kinfolk Magazine

There’s no way to predict when we’ll suddenly be confronted with a new pathway in life. For every positive gain attributed to the idea of change, such as self-improvement, bold adventuring or collective hope, there often follows the very human instinct to feel quite the opposite: fear, self-doubt and loss. The latest issue of Kinfolk explores how best to navigate the conflicting forces of change and stability.

Specifications - 192 pages, offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated and coated paper. Printed in the United Kingdom.

issue 34 kinfolk magazine

Issue 34 Kinfolk Magazine

Intimacy is what distinguishes those who are dear to us from those who are simply near. This issue of Kinfolk explores the balance between our contradictory cravings for both secure and stable relationships and the freedom to follow our hearts, our sexual desires, and our need to be whole without the help of another. We take psychotherapist Esther Perel as our lodestar. It’s a role she’s played for the clients at her New York practice and for millions of others through her books and the podcast Where Should We Begin, which offers the chance to listen in on anonymous couples during therapy sessions. Perel’s approach has always been to challenge the fundamental contradictions in how we think about romantic intimacy: Is it really feasible to expect one person to fulfill our every need—for the rest of our life?

In Issue Thirty-Four, we experience the thrill of people and places spilling their secrets. Amaryllis Fox—an ex-CIA spy who spent her 20s negotiating in some of the world’s most dangerous conflict zones—cracks open the mysteries of the Clandestine Service, and what they’ve taught her about peace. We also present the result of our own months-long international operation: To gain access to an art deco royal palace in Gujurat, India. As the nights close in, our contributors look beyond this world and into other more mysterious ones: They mull over the popularity of horoscopes and what to eat at funerals. Elsewhere, a photo essay by Gustav Almestål explores the solitary indulgence of comfort foods, so tied to our most intimate of spaces—our homes—and so appealing during break ups.

Specifications - 192 pages, offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated and coated paper. Printed in Canada and United Kingdom.


Issue 2 IMPORTANT Magazine


The second issue of IMPORTANT MAGAZINE focuses on the body shapeshifting from physical entity
to digital and back. In what realm do we belong (exist) and how do we navigate in the current landscape of the self vs. onscreen identities? Are we changing, are we forgetting, how are we human and what does that mean exactly? How does the body survive and renew itself while its data are being harvested and invested in societies submerged in surveillance? Is the notion of the human itself transmuting, and how do we distinguish ourselves from the algorithms and the codes that are now producing, modifying and filtering our interactions with one another?

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Ark Journal Volume VI

We live in a time of immense change and hyper-sensitivity, with an acute awareness of how much everything we design, make and produce will resonate now and in the future. We have dedicated the Ark Journal VOL VI to the bright minds and talents who have captivated and inspired us in a time of flux and we take our lead from thoughtful designers, artists, architects, and curators with strong views and priorities.

We draw special attention to creators, and their different perspectives on craftsmanship and making. We believe that the revival of craft and the placing of a higher value on the act of making will be important in the future.

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No.5 Håndværk

The fifth issue of HÅNDVÆRK bookazine has the title "decoration". It presents a range of artisans, designers, architects and artists who work to express themselves through decorating. Decoration is a present element in many things, from art, ceramics, lamps and furniture to wallpaper, mosaics, jewelry and even tattoos. HÅNDVÆRK bookazine no. 5 focuses, as always, on materials and processes as a prerequisite for sustainable practice in the areas of crafts, art and design.

- Soft cover. Language: English. Biannual bookazine.


Issue 40 Kinfolk Magazine

A decade ago, the very first issue of Kinfolk made its way into print. To celebrate this milestone—the tenth anniversary—they’ve refreshed the design of the magazine and aptly turned their gaze toward one of life’s deepest and most searching subjects: the future.

Specifications - 192 pages, offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated and coated paper. Printed in the United Kingdom.

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