PlayStation x 7 Days Active

PlayStation x 7 Days Active

"The lines between sports and e-sports are slowly disintegrating. Being a good gamer also means being in good shape, both mentally and physically. This collaboration balances athletic gear and our signature loungewear, as we want to find the balance between active sports and gaming."

— Malkit Singh, CEO of 7 DAYS Active.

This capsule unites the worlds of active sport and gaming. Each piece's style takes inspiration from PlayStation's iconic shapes and colors. The blend of active gear and loungewear encourages a healthy mindset through individual expression and creative styling.

This collection sees unique pairing and a range of dynamic pieces. 7DA's signature organic cotton fleece is the basis of the Monday sweat set. Its brushed diagonal knit drapes to the body for ample comfort. The Running jacket and Sprinter shorts balance bold colorblocking and co-branded prints with ergonomic design. The Endurance shorts and Champion shorts complement each other and offer enhanced comfort and flexibility. In addition to long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts, rounding out the collection are an oversized bomber and a classic baseball cap.

The collection will be available for purchase in-store and online on the 8th of October at 12pm.



New brand at Storm - NiTH
NITH was started in order to offer an alternative and colorful way of making fashion. The mission is to create and share the joy of sustainable design that contributes to looking after our future generations by designs, holding multiple fashion seasons for all types.

NITH products are deeply rooted in slow fashion principles and values, where the inherent love, genesis and presence of the design are essential for durable and quality conscious products. NITH believes that clothes have meaning, well thought out and historically linked or focused around slowness. Every style has greater existence, justification and thus creates better, present, robust and reflected sustainable products.

All knit designs are based on well-known techniques and seek to challenge and break with the classic way of thinking knit by experimenting with innovative and intricate material compositions, colors and a well thought out tactile experience.

NITH works from a recycle dead stock approach and only uses the residual lots and surplus materials of yarn from major yarn suppliers and yarn producers, both in Denmark and the rest of Europe.

Photos by Oliver Knauer

Explore the entire selection of NiTH products online or in store.


Neuw x Magnus Reid

Neuw is a young and entrepreneurial brand for modern creative consumers. Innovative, rebellious, metropolitan and multicultural. It is a brand inspired by contemporary music and art: ”the creatives who influence the influencers”.
Every season Neuw collaborates with contemporary artists from around the world for their ‘Artist In Residence' series. This season they have worked with London based, abstract expressionist painter, Magnus Reid.
Photos by Oliver Knauer
Model Anemone Sejr
The collection is now available both online and in store.

In connection with the release of Billie Eilish's long awaited album 'Happier Than Ever' we hosted a pop-up event on Friday 30th of July.

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Finland and Japan have a unique history when it comes to running. Back in the 50s and 60s, the Finns were some of the few foreign athletes to travel and compete at the Fukuoka Marathon. A shared appreciation for distance running became the foundation for a long-lasting friendship.

With the biggest global sports event happening in Tokyo this summer, it felt like the perfect time to celebrate this special friendship between the two nations.

Karhu chose to tell this story through our iconic 1960s running silhouette, the Karhu Trampas, deemed by one of the greatest distance running coaches of all times, Sir Arthur Lydiard, as “the best training shoe in the world”.

The “Friendship” Pack inspired by the national colours of Japan and Finland consists of the Trampas in two versions. The M-logo Trampas, the Japan version, features a white grained leather upper and red suede M-logo design, while the Finland version features a blue suede upper and a white grained leather support stripe. Both shoes are decorated with a debossed and gold printed Karhu wordmark, used initially on our footwear in the 50s and 60s. To set the pack apart, both pairs come with free matching Made in Italy socks.

Release on 30th of July


Sacai x KAWS

Sacai introduces its RTW collection with contemporary artist KAWS. The collaboration marks the long-held mutual admiration and friendship between founder and designer Chitose Abe and KAWS.

The concept of the collection is to reflect the original artwork and color palette of KAWS art into Sacai pieces as “wearable art”. The collection features multi-color and camouflage, iconic color pattern created by KAWS for both men’s and women’s wear as well as for unisex items such as t-shirts and hoodies.

Available both online and in store!


Puma x Rhuigi

Global sports brand PUMA surprises with a new capsule collection in partnership with the founder and Creative Director of R H U D E, Rhuigi Villaseñor. This new drop features his take on one of PUMA’s favorite classics, the Suede.

With its timeless design, the Suede has captivated millions of people throughout the years, now, Rhuigi Villaseñor took on the task to give his own spin to this beloved classic. The drop is also comprised by a curated selection of apparel pieces, including elevated track suits, long and short sleeve tees, shorts, and a top—all designs include a washed look in neutral colors and Rhuigi’s signature aesthetic incorporated throughout.

The upper of the Puma x Rhuigi Suede Lo is constructed with premium leather and suede with a contrasting green formstip, the heel features a faux crocodile leather tap in plum, a co-branded tongue tag, and two pairs of tonal fat laces.

Photos by Oliver Knauer

Model: Jonas Homsuwan

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Artigeardit x Storm

Artigeardit x Storm ’Held & Lykke Med At Komme Hjem’ release-event + Exclusive in store merch drop, Friday the 28th of May, 12.00pm.
Thank you all for stopping by!

Save the date - Friday 7th of May

In collaboration with Plethora magazine we are hosting an exhibition by Julien Colombier and Ludovilk Myers - original works, book signing, new print series and exclusive clothing collabs.

We are looking forward to see you at Storm!




A multi-disciplined artist, Reese Cooper is a storyteller. He documents his exploration and experiences in his label. From fashion to photography, film to furniture, each project or collection tells a story - some fact, some fiction - woven together through powerful imagery and messaging all underpinned by precision detail.

Since launching the first full menswear collection for Autumn/Winter 2018 in Paris, each season reflects a “chapter” in the brand’s journey. Womenswear debuted in Spring/Summer 20. Both menswear and womenswear draw from the brand’s core inspirations—vintage Americana fused with the great outdoors.

SS21 is now available both online and in store.


D.S. & Durga

Introducing D.S. & DURGA
D.S. & Durga is a Brooklyn-based niche house steeped in the romance of Americana and the beauty of atmospheric olfaction. Founded in 2007 by David (DS) and Kavi (Durga) Moltz, making small batches of scented products for friends and family. D.S. & Durga sources their ingredients from all over, cherry picking the best of this and the most useful of that. The art of perfume is more about how you use your items, not just their quality. Off-notes, unexpected combinations, and novel constructions are the core of ther aromatic vision.

David is really a perfumer. He taught himself how to make perfume by immersing himself in all things fragrant. He is passionate about translating musical and literary spaces into scent. Each fragrance is conceived and constructed by D.S with no middleman or interpretation from an outside perfumer.

Durga designs everything. She approaches her work like an architect. Thinking in angles, light and texture.

Everything is made in the belly of the best. NYC has shaped their lives and their vision of the world. It's in their DNA
Now available both online and in store!
Inspired by Helly Hansen’s vast history of creating performance-driven & professional-grade gear, HH-118389225 code name “archive” is the embodiment of this rich past. Reworked into premium capsule collections, each range takes individual cues from historic product lines, specific details or moments in the brand’s timeline.

SS21/“211” draws inspiration from Helly Hansen’s one hundred and forty year history in technical sailing apparel, creating life vests for a myriad of situations and environments. In particular the brand’s "SAILSAFE INFLATABLE RACE" & “RIDER” life vests anchor the capsule collection’s highly detailed range of outerwear. Both life jackets are tested and developed in the most demanding conditions and are certified to (International Organization for Standardization) ISO 12402-3 & ISO 12402-5. Making them the professional-grade sailors protection of choice.

Taking iterations of the innovative technologies that went into each product, SS21 embraces the vests visual aesthetics but also utilises their professional-grade fabrications. Details such as 3 layer shell technology, ultrasonic taped seams, 3M reflective detailing, concealed spray-hoods, attention whistles and interchangeable utility bags that attach to multiple key styles. While the basics within the range feature their own detachable chest bags and concealed pockets.

The Helly Hansen HH-118389225-211 collection is now sold out!



Two creatives, based in Amsterdam, commonly interested in thoughtful modern design for everyday items. Both coming from the apparel industry, they are now venturing their design ideas under one umbrella: bæbsy.
Their focus is to bring products to the market that is accessible, affordable, durable and timeless.
Bæbsy bookstand is born from an idea in contemporary times, where home aesthetics have become most essential.

In Greek mythology, Atlas was responsible for bearing the weight of the heavens on his shoulders. Inspired by the shape and form of this titan god, the bookstand can carry the weight of any book in your collection.

With the steel ‘Atlas’ bookstand, you can place any book at center-stage in your home. The color options and finishes make our bookstands unique and standout. Eventually, making the visual storytelling of your book collection aesthetically satisfying. The bookstand can be assembled into two different designs: Ordinary or Levitate. Whereas the levitation design gives your books the illusion of floating above the stand.


Fresh release from Karhu

Karhu is well known for its recognisable yet subtle use of colour in its LEGEND collection, a feature that has generated a very loyal following over the years. However, the use of monochrome colours proved to be just as impactful as the use of a vivid palette. Even though they toned it down, the play with the overlays on their shoes gave them a lot of depth and richness.
For this shoot, they worked once again with talented photographer Justine Leenarts and stylist Lisa Anne Stuyfzand, who carefully selected apparel pieces to complement the colour palette of the shoes.
The latest delivery features Fusion 2.0 in two colorway and the shoes are now available both online and in store.


Spring/Summer 21 La Fetiche

Spring/Summer 21 collection from La Fetiche is here!
La Fetiche works in collaboration with houses and specialists chosen for their exceptional ancestral know-how from both France and the UK. Revive your outfit with the latest delivery of daring spring pieces.
To experience the entire selection click here or visit our store.

For Spring/Summer 2021, Carhartt WIP has collaborated with L’Art de l’Automobile, the lifestyle brand helmed by the Paris-based car dealer Arthur Kar.

Conceived as an ode to Carhartt’s heritage, which saw the brand releasing its own motor vehicles in 1911 – pre-dating the 1920s automotive boom which gave rise to Detroit’s Motor City moniker – the collection combines Kar’s own design sensibility with classic Carhartt WIP elements.

Built upon the idea of a mechanic’s uniform – a nod to Kar’s background, which often saw him skipping school as a teenager to help his father fix cars – the collection features a reworking of both the Michigan Coat and Single Knee Pant, complete with a functioning mini-wrench keychain attached. The palette draws inspiration from the trees of Lebanon, where Kar grew up, and a specific shade of green found on Ferves Rangers – a rare Italian off-road vehicle manufactured during the 60s and 70s.

In addition there are two graphic print t-shirts, and a series of accessories and gadgets, including two caps and a Nalgene water bottle. Each item features exclusive branding that sees the logos of both brands spliced together, to create a unique KARHARTT motif.

The accompanying campaign for this collection was shot by Paris-based photographer Sylvain Sey, and art directed by the L’Art de l’Automobile team and Parisian boutique store The Broken Arm.

In addition, this launch is also marked by a video, shot by Angelo Marques, with an original score by its featured models, the music producer Louis Brodinski and the L’Art Kids.

The collection is now sold out!

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