For Spring/Summer 2021, Carhartt WIP has collaborated with L’Art de l’Automobile, the lifestyle brand helmed by the Paris-based car dealer Arthur Kar.

Conceived as an ode to Carhartt’s heritage, which saw the brand releasing its own motor vehicles in 1911 – pre-dating the 1920s automotive boom which gave rise to Detroit’s Motor City moniker – the collection combines Kar’s own design sensibility with classic Carhartt WIP elements.

Built upon the idea of a mechanic’s uniform – a nod to Kar’s background, which often saw him skipping school as a teenager to help his father fix cars – the collection features a reworking of both the Michigan Coat and Single Knee Pant, complete with a functioning mini-wrench keychain attached. The palette draws inspiration from the trees of Lebanon, where Kar grew up, and a specific shade of green found on Ferves Rangers – a rare Italian off-road vehicle manufactured during the 60s and 70s.

In addition there are two graphic print t-shirts, and a series of accessories and gadgets, including two caps and a Nalgene water bottle. Each item features exclusive branding that sees the logos of both brands spliced together, to create a unique KARHARTT motif.

The accompanying campaign for this collection was shot by Paris-based photographer Sylvain Sey, and art directed by the L’Art de l’Automobile team and Parisian boutique store The Broken Arm.

In addition, this launch is also marked by a video, shot by Angelo Marques, with an original score by its featured models, the music producer Louis Brodinski and the L’Art Kids.

The collection is now sold out!


AndrÈ Love Letter

Celebrate Valentines with Soulland. The Swedish-French artist André Saraiva has once again teamed up with Soulland this time for a valentine collection.
Who else would you rather spend that (cheesy) romantic evening with? He collects art, he has a background in graffiti and he is drinking good quality wine. He also owns the most sexy hotel “Amour” in Paris. It’s too much, and it’s perfect!

The collection is now sold out!


Super Standard Le Fix

The word 'Standard' defines something ordinary whereas the word 'Super' defines something extra(ordinary), so how the combination of the two is defined, are entirely individual, and therefore they chose this name for their January, February and March collection drops, which will be the beginning and manifestation of the Le Fix vers 3.0. and a new step into the future.

In a way of taking a more circular approach, they are cutting out intermediaries by dropping smaller collections on a monthly basis, all cut from left-over fabric and solely produced in Europe, reducing their carbon footprint.

Quality over quantity as well as versatility combined with an inextinguishable love for the streets is a central focal point in this new direction for Le Fix.

The collection is now sold out!

Even though there are just a few days left until Christmas Eve, you can still buy the last Christmas presents at Storm. To make it easier for you, we've made a part 2 of our small series of gift inspiration. The first part of the series is available here.
Hand washes from Byredo: For every home a good hand wash is an essential. Byredo's hand care line unites pleasure and function, eloquently enhancing the most habitual of gestures with fragrance. The hand wash is available in four different fragrances: Vetyver, Suede, Tulipmania and Rose. Available online and in store.
Green, Red & Black from CDG Parfumes: This unisex trio from Japanese Comme des Garçons Play first launched in 2012 and has since been the favorite fragrance for many people. With three different smells, there must be one for your loved one. Available online and in store.
Oio Lab: Are you looking for advanced skincare that gives noticeable results? Oio Lab has the solution. Their products are formulated and scientifically tested in their laboratories to offer you high-quality treatments that actually work. Explore all products from Oio Lab are available online or in store.
Avolt: The infamous extension cord called 'The Square' from Swedish Avolt allows you to charge your devices fast and convenient with its three sockets and two USB ports. As an extra feature, it can also be mounted on the wall or under your desk with an integrated magnet. The cord is available in black and grey online and in store.
Thumbsucker by Stora Skuggan: Thumbsucker is the fifth fragrance from Stockholm based perfumery Stora Skuggan. It’s a narcotic nectar floriental inspired by the reason babies suck their thumbs according to Hindu mythology. The fragrance is available online or in store.
The illustrations are made by Olivia Lee Storm.
Opening hours during Christmas and New Year:
Monday, 21st of December: 12pm - 5pm
Tuesday, 22nd of December: 12pm - 5pm
Wednesday, 23rd of December: 12pm - 5pm

Due to the regulations in Denmark, our physical store can unfortunately not be open from December 24 until January 3. However, it is still possible to shop at our webshop.


New brand at Storm - Neandertal
Together Neandertal us and them form a visual and conceptual pair that elicits a thought-provoking, olfactory experience, which speaks to our ancestral sense of belonging while addressing the tension created by one of mankind’s oldest and simplest understandings of identity. An ageless notion, in a constant state of flux, that we engage with everyday. It is an issue that carries as much weight today as it has throughout human history.
A familiar yet contemporary fragrance, Neandertal us contains spices, greens, and fruits foraged from natural environments used throughout history for ceremonies, remedies, culinary purposes and perfumery. Deeper, smokier tones such as vetiver, sandalwood, oud, and musk create a well-rooted familiarity and sense of security, while a citric and green woody profile creates energy within them.
Neandertal them echoes a message from a time we have not yet experienced. Unconventional molecular materials, transparent woods and fresh, floral top notes combine seamlessly with natural essences of ambergris and sea kelp to create a clean and captivating fragrance that ignites our optimistic imagination, in this era of uncertainty.
The fragrances are available online and in store in new 30ml glass bottles designed by artist and founder Kentaro Yamada.
Photo credit: Andree Martis & Eden Space

We are happy to introduce the new Algaemania Facial Oil from OIO Lab, a treatment perfect for tired, polluted and thin skin in need of protection and regeneration.

Strengthen the skin’s defense mechanisms to support regeneration and enhance your skin’s moisture with this nutrient-dense oil. With five types of algae and extracts from amaranth, chia, pomegranate, cardamom and rosemary seeds this botanical blend helps to reverse the negative effects of oxidative stress, pollution, UV irradiation, extreme atmospheric conditions and sleep deprivation to restore skin firmness and add a healthy glow.

The Algaemania Facial Oil and other treatments from OIO Lab are available online and in store.


Perfume as a Christmas gift

Giving a perfume as a gift can be done very personally. However, it is not always easy pick the right perfume - both for yourself or as a gift. At Storm, we offer a wide selection of unisex perfumes from brands such as Comme des Garçons, Eight & Bob, Byredo and Ormaie Paris.

All of our perfumes are available online and in the store, where we will help you choose the right perfume for your loved one. We have a fragrance for everyone, regardless of gender and taste.

The pictures are taken by Emil Monty Freddie.


Autumn/Winter 2020 mfpen

Storm is proud to present the mfpen Autumn/Winter 2020 collection with a focus on outerwear and tailoring.
mfpen is a Copenhagen-based menswear label, founded in 2016 by designer and creative director Sigurd Bank. The brand's philosophy is to create honest and ready-to-wear collections centered around luxurious fabrics, working to reinterpret the traditional notion of Scandinavian menswear.
The collection is primarily made from luxury Italian deadstock fabrics, the main pieces are the Hollis Coat cut from a boiled wool, a dark navy suit made in a wool twill and classical blue shirts with oversize fitting.

Their AW20 collection is now sold out!

The festive season is approaching relentlessly, and it’s about time to find something special for your loved ones. To make this year’s Christmas shopping easier for you we have decided to come up with a small series of gift inspiration throughout the entire December.
Extreme Cashmere: Since its founding in 2016, Amsterdam-based brand Extreme Cashmere has been dedicated to creating and producing the ultimate cashmere wardrobe for everybody and every body. A project intended to last beyond all seasons and all occasions. With their many styles such as cardigans, knits and pullovers, there is one for all. Available online or in store.
Steamery: If your loved one is one of the many people who wants the ironing over as soon as possible, then a Steamer from Steamery is the perfect gift idea. As opposed to ironing, steaming is easy and harmless even to fabrics that can't be ironed. Available in white, burgundy and blue. Available online or in store.
JAO Brand: The Goe? Oil and Face Créme from JAO Brand is the perfect gift for every person. Making nourishing skincare since 1997, all of their products are specially formulated without dyes, petroleum or artificial fragrances. Products from JAO Brand will help you keep clean soft, smooth, and herbally uplifted. Available online or in store.
P.F. Candle Co.: P.F. Candle Co. is an independent fragrance company from LA, specialising in fragrances for the home. This includes candles, diffusers and room & linen sprays. All of their candles are made with 100% domestically-grown soy wax and the entire collection of products are vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free.
Recipe books: Do you know someone who loves to read, but is also fascinated by the world of food? In that case we have just the books for that particular person!

Wild Kitchen: offering a fresh insight into nature-loving chefs and their sustainable everyday life at home.

ILD - Eventyrlig Mad: a book packed with ideas for making exciting and adventurous food over fire.

Bo Bech: The Relation Between Us: a collection of writings, photography and recipes from Chef Bo Bech, as an attempt to capture those 'peak experiences'.
All three books are available online and in store.

The collaboration from Hotel Casper with their good friends Créol Brothers represents their heritage and birthplace, the beautiful Island of Mauritius, locally known as Île Maurice. An homage and modern spin on the vintage 80's tourist t-shirts of their childhood. The island is known for Le Bon Le Bon vibes and who hasn't daydreamed about the magical beaches, palm trees and coconut drinks at some point. Check in with Hotel Casper at this exclusive location anytime of day, from anywhere in the world.

The collection is now sold out!


Personalization and customization is at the heart of the POP COLLECTION. The collection is based on the currency we all know - the coin. The POP COINS provides the freedom to express ideas and emotions through the ultimate upgrade that can be repeated – infinitely. The POP COLLECTION invites you to exercise the freedom to completely change the look of any piece you own with just a single POP.

For the first venture you get to play with the SIGNET LETTER and the FORTUNE COIN series. The SIGNET LETTER series call for an expression of initials or monograms evoking the notion of a secret message to someone special. The FORTUNE COIN series consist of 4 coins each symbolizing the manifestation or belief of Life, Guidance, Love and Journey.

The POP Collection is now available online and in store.



New bottles from the French brand Ormaie are here! The perfumes are now available in both 50 and 100 ml.

Ormaie is a family-run fragrance maison created by a son, Baptiste Bouygue, and a mother, Marie-Lise Jonak, in late 2018 with roots deep in art and nature. Based in France, all of their fragrances are composed solely of natural ingredients with the ultimate goal of elegance and quality. Close relationship with nature it’s one of the brand’s main characteristics - bottles are made from recycled glass, flacon stoppers are hand-made from reclaimed wood and all perfumes are 100% natural.

The perfumes are available both online and in store.


Exploring the customisation and decoration of military uniform following the forced conscription of tribal and indigenous peoples.

Garments look to experiment with the ways in which military uniforms – designed to avoid any individualism – are customised and humanised by indigenous peoples, representing the ongoing thematic dualities and core maharishi values of Military / Pacifist, East / West, and Nature / Technology.

Signature artworks reinterpret Vietnamese Hmong Story Cloths, illustrating Hill Tribes communing with AWOL soldiers. Military patches feature heavily within the collection, with classic tour-style patches reworked in organic cotton.

AW20 sees the introduction of DPM: Mamushi – a two colour disruptive pattern inspired by the camouflage commonly worn by South Korean high school students who were receiving military training during the 1970s – 1990s. Taking its name from the venomous viper found in Korea and other areas of East Asia, DPM: Mamushi reinterprets the season’s palette across Woodland, Night, Carmine and Mono colourways – the latter serving as a minimalist variant that stays true to the original Korean camouflage.

The collection is now sold out!


032c x Adidas


Berlin-based magazine 032c and Adidas has teamed up in a new collaborative release, presenting a clean white take on the FYW S-97 Salvation. The shoe features mesh upper with suede and leather overlays, which is highlighted by the silhouette’s wavy design.


Ever since the Karhu Performance Running team presented The Synchron 2020, the Karhu lifestyle team (known as LEGEND) have been huge fans.

The Synchron 2020 is a shoe that has all the technical features you would expect a shoe from a premium running brand to have. However, some of Karhu’s leading technologies like Ortix and Fulcrum were developed back in the 80s and have been our main technologies ever since. The Synchron 2020 also includes Karhu’s Synchron Lacing System, which is featured in the Synchron Classic, a staple in the LEGEND collection since 2016.

The clean knitted upper and technical sole unit made the Synchron 2020 the perfect shoe for the LEGEND team to create a version that would not just be a great running shoe, but also a stylish, comfortable version for everyday use.

The first iteration of The Synchron 2020, colour designed by the LEGEND team, is nicknamed the “Dusty Coral”, inspired by the vibrant sole unit, and comes in women’s sizes especially made for the Karhu women’s running collection.

The Karhu Synchron 2020 “Dusty Coral” is now available online and in store.


Based in Zurich, nine-year-old On has taken the athletic footwear market by storm. Elite athletes are winning Olympic and World Championship medals in the innovation from Switzerland. Driven by peer-recommendation, runners are discovering the superior performance and feel of On running shoes and its unique patented “Cloud” technology.

As a result, On is attracting the fastest-growing global fan commu-nity and has joined the ranks of the leading brands in the US, Europe and Japan.«I’ve been a fan of On and its products for a while, but after talking to the founders I realized we have a lot more in common than just our Swiss roots,» says Federer. «I’m excited to be part of the On team and to work on the future of a next-generation global sports brand.» Federer revealed that the first new products he is working on will be finished and released in 2020.

Sold exclusively in Scandinavia at Storm.

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