Prefab And Modular

Prefab And Modular


From the tiniest cabins to large-scale buildings, designers and architects all over the world are using prefabrication and modular construction techniques to realize an endless variety of buildings.

Prefab And Modular offers a collection of the most striking residential houses, shacks, cabins, micro-homes and extensions, as well as a range of temporary architecture and public buildings. Catering to architects and designers looking to expand their professional knowledge, as well as homeowners who want to efficiently purchase or extend their homes, this book is a comprehensive compilation of prefabrication and modular construction.

Specifications - Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 256 pages, 24 × 30 cm

The Savile Row Suit

Savile Row is the home of bespoke tailoring. This short street is home to many of the world’s finest tailoring houses, a street where for over 200 years royals, rock stars, and giants of the business and political worlds have come to have their clothes cut, sewn and fitted. Patrick Grant, co-owner of Savile Row tailors Norton & Sons, describes the long-standing traditions of craftsmanship that are maintained in the workrooms of this quiet corner of London’s Mayfair – a fascinating and uniquely storied world. He celebrates the extraordinary ecosystem, from the British weavers and cloth houses to the trimmings merchants, that allows Savile Row to flourish. Grant shines a light on the captivating story of Savile Row, the painstaking processes required to create a bespoke garment, and the story of his personal experiences on this most famous thoroughfare. This book details, for the first time, the complete tailoring methods of several of Savile Row’s finest sewing tailors, providing a detailed step-by-step manual on how to hand-make a pair of trousers, waistcoat, and coat in the Savile Row style, and a shirt in the style of one of Jermyn Street’s finest shirt makers. Richly illustrated, this book gives an insight into a highly discreet and rarefied world of craftsmanship.

Specifications - Full color, Linen Hardcover, tip-in, embossing,
belly band, 176 pages, 22 × 29 cm

Mindful Places To Stay

From A to Zen, breathe in a comprehensive guide of the world’s perfect places to find your inner peace. Fresh summer air, leaves rustling at the backdrop of beautiful sunset, subtle wind caressing your skin as you quietly meditate – if this feels anything like a perfect vacation, Mindful Places to Stay is just the book for you. Through captivating photography and easy reads, the visual pages unveil the most astonishing yoga and meditation retreats and stories behind them. Mindful Places to Stay discovers peace and quiet in breathtaking spots scattered across the world.

Specifications - Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 256 pages, 21 × 26 cm 

Cooking Greens On Fire

Cooking on an open fire is both exciting and a labor of love-it's as much about the time spent preparing the food as it is about eating it. This style of cooking lures chefs of all ages to the out-doors, and the possibilities presented by vegetables in the campfire kitchen are almost endless. From chili sin carne to carrot confit, Cooking Greens on Fire contains 65 recipes for vegetarian campfire dishes of various degrees of difficulty. You will also learn how to build and light a fire, and get to know the equipment, safety measures, and cooking methods best suited for enjoying vegetables over an open flame.

Specifications -  Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 208 pages, 21 × 26 cm

The House Of Green

The House Of Green


As the lines between technology, work, and play become increasingly blurred, it is natural we are drawn towards the simplicity and solace of nature as a salve to our everyday chaos. But what if that tranquility could be achieved as a part of our daily work-life-balance? The House of Green is a collection of the most stunning architecture and interiors incorporating nature into their designs, exploring the benefits to homes, workplaces, and more. From design lovers looking to revamp a home to modern-day professionals searching for new sustainable solutions, The House of Green showcases the equilibrium for that ever-elusive balance.

Specifications -  Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 256 pages  22,5 × 29 cm

The Nature of Swimming

Whether in oceans or lakes, streams, or rivers, humans have been drawn to water and the unique bathing opportunities it offers. This title celebrates our connection with water, focusing on outdoor bathing locations around the world.

From spots nature created expertly herself to places designed by humans to harness rugged and remote surroundings, this book examines in detail the long-standing relationship between humans and outdoor bathing in a way sure to charm the inner bather in us all.

Specifications -  Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 256 pages. 21 x 26 cm

I Know Nigo

I Know Nigo


This volume documents the collaborations between famed fashion designer Nigo® and many recording artists (including Pharrell, A$AP Rocky, and Tyler, the Creator), presenting a trove of limited-edition apparel, sneakers, accessories, album covers, and collectibles and an archive of trademark graphics and patterns.

Straddling the worlds of fashion and hip-hop, Nigo® is a giant of streetwear culture. One of the pioneers of the highly influential Harajuku style movement, Nigo® is the founder of *A Bathing Ape®. Currently the creative director of Kenzo and a partner with Pharrell in both Human Made and Billionaire Boys Club/IceCream, he is one of the transformational figures in contemporary fashion, instrumental in translating streetwear trends into modern luxury.

He is also well known for being a music producer, and since the 1990s, has collaborated with hit-makers in hip-hop and contemporary music, having worked with Pharrell, Pusha T, Mos Def, M-Flo, the Teriyaki Boyz, and many others. The book is a visual record of the material culture generated by these partnerships. These collaborative goods—in limited quantities, emblazoned with logos and slogans—are a vital part of why Nigo®’s designs are so sought after. The same maximalist philosophy is employed in the design of the book, with original character art and all-over graphics integral to the visual narrative.

Specifications - Hardcover. 240 pages.

No Waves in New Jersey

No Waves in New Jersey

Dimauro Danny

A love letter to the beaches and boardwalks of the Jersey Shore, this is the first visual history of the passionate surf culture that has thrived on the Atlantic coast of New Jersey, and its influence on the worlds of surfing, skateboarding, and beyond.

Often overlooked for the warmer waters of its Hawaiian and Californian counterparts, the Atlantic coast of New Jersey has inspired a surf culture all its own, and in turn has held unsung influence over the history of the sport in America.

Drawing on archives of photographs and ephemera from private collections, and from those held in the New Jersey Surf Museum and New Jersey Surfing Hall of Fame, this is a celebration of East Coast surfing, from its pioneering beginnings at the end of the nineteenth century to its heyday in the 1980s as the scene converged with skateboarding and a shared influence on street style.

Alongside insightful texts that illuminate previously unheralded moments in the evolution of the sport, the book not only introduces some of the greatest unseen surf photography of the last century but also lets the Jersey Shore take its rightful place in the history of American surf culture.

Specifications - Hardcover. 240 pages.

My Journal To

Manage stress, find balance and stay focused in a world full of noise.
Packed with guided reflections and actionable exercises, this journal is designed to effortlessly bring your thoughts onto paper. The elegant look and its superior quality transforms daily writing into an enriching and satisfying experience.


- 90 daily templates to make it easy yet effective way to kickstart a journaling habit - - Inspirational quotes and challenges
- 10 advanced reflective exercises ("pit-stops") to help you gain a new perspective and provide a different kind of stimuli
- Creative space in the back for free-flow journaling
- All prompts and reflective exercises used in this book are based on proven principles in positive psychology and other mindfulness practices.

Specifications - Language: English. DIN A5, 244 pages including a reading band and paper pocket Printed and assembled in Riga, Latvia. Designed and distributed in Copenhagen, Denmark. High-quality and EU Ecolabel FSC® certified paper with the ideal feel and stiffness for journaling.


Thames & Hudson

In 2010, journalist and author Will Jones gave up London life to move to rural Canada with his young family. His dream was to build a remote cabin in the woods that would be a silent retreat from the world. This is the story of how he created the ultimate hideaway, inspired by cabin-building practices around the world.

Throughout history, people around the world have built cabins as homes, nature-watching huts and even follies. In recent times, many have been drawn to cabin-building by a yearning to connect with nature and spend time in the wilderness. From the homes of indigenous peoples and the settlers of the New World to contemporary Nordic summer homes and artists’ retreats, the emotive lure of cabin-building shows no sign of abating. In this book, Will Jones explores the history and romance of cabin-building and delves into the architectural styles, vernacular idiosyncrasies and tools and techniques of historical and modern builders.

Weaving the personal story of his cabin build with illustrated practical know-how on everything from deciding on site and orientation, to foundations and interior design, Jones’s essential book is full of inspirational ideas. The urge to escape the city and live in nature has never been stronger. Part story, part history and part practical guide, this is the ultimate read for anyone dreaming of building a cabin of their own.

Specifications - Hardback. 256 pages. 23.4 x 15.3 cm.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Yayoi Kusama

Louis Vuitton, the global luxury fashion house, and world-famous artist Yayoi Kusama partner again, and in the storied history of the brand’s epic collaborations with artists, this is the most ambitious to date.

In this important volume about this powerhouse collaboration, artwork by trailblazing artist Yayoi Kusama is featured alongside the groundbreaking fashion collection she designed with Louis Vuitton, and is organized around the seminal artistic themes that inspired the project.

Edited by Ferdinando Verdi and Isabel Venero, the volume includes contributions from renowned experts in both fashion and art, including writer Jo-Ann Furniss who explores the collaboration, designer Marc Jacobs who initiated the house’s relationship with Kusama, and curators Mika Yoshitake and Philip Larratt-Smith, both of whom have organized important exhibitions on the artist’s work. And Hans Ulrich Obrist, the renowned curator and Artistic Director of Serpentine Galleries, London, Hans Ulrich Obrist talks with longtime Kusama expert Akira Tatehata.  

In the spirit of this iconic partnership and with a nod to the popular fascination with Kusama, the book includes musings from some of the most important contemporary artists and musicians working today—including Arca, Katherine Bradford, Anne Imhoff, Ryan McNamara, Raúl de Nieves, Ryan Trecartin, Nora Turato, and Jacolby Satterwhite—talking about Kusama’s impact and her extraordinary ability to build fantastical worlds through her signature polka dots and mirror balls, which are joyful representations of her deeply thoughtful philosophy about art and the universe.

Specifications - Hardcover. 240 pages. 22.86 x 30.48 cm. 

New York 2023

New York 2023

Gerhard Richter

This highly anticipated catalogue, accompanying Gerhard Richter’s first exhibition with David Zwirner, presents Richter’s last paintings along with his recent explorations in drawing, printing, and sculpture.

“[His last paintings] can feel almost like exquisite texts to be read. . . . Their freshness and spontaneity feels like a new beginning.” —Roberta Smith, The New York Times

Known for his abstract and realist paintings, Gerhard Richter has pursued a diverse and influential practice characterized by a decades-long commitment to the medium and its formal and conceptual possibilities. This remarkable book celebrates the breadth of Richter’s newest bodies of work and archives a historical moment in the artist’s career.

Full-color plates and installation views showcase a selection of the artist’s final works on canvas—made just before he announced his retirement from oil painting in 2017—alongside an expansive suite of new drawings made with ink, graphite, and colored pencil on paper, a remarkable series of chromatic inkjet prints titled mood, and a stunning glass sculpture that debuted at the exhibition in New York. A newly commissioned essay by Dieter Schwarz, one of the foremost experts on Richter’s oeuvre, illustrates the artist’s path toward his newest bodies of work. Schwarz describes Richter in his studio, revealing the creative process behind his iconic practice. 

Specifications - Hardcover. 192 pages. 24.7 x 30.7 cm. 



Tal R

Hvor begynder Tal R’s maleri?

Var det, da et par kunstnere fra Køln besøgte kunstakademiet i København i 1998? Var det mødet med 1990’ernes videokunstnere, der viste en ny vej for det figurative maleri? Eller begyndte det længe før akademitiden med et maleri af lyserøde nazister?

I mere end 25 år har Tal R været en uomgængelig figur på den danske kunstscene. Lige fra starten drømte han om at male og om at fortælle historier, også selvom tiden ikke var til ”den store fortælling” og da slet ikke i maleriet. Man måtte ”sidelæns ind i maleriet”, som Tal R udtrykker det. ‘Tal R Maleri’ er den første samlede præsentation af hans mangefacetterede maleriske praksis. Den følger det formskiftende maleri fra 1990’erne og frem til i dag, hvor Tal R er internationalt anerkendt som en markant fornyer af det figurative maleri.

Bogen er skrevet af Pernille Albrethsen, kunstkritiker på Weekendavisen og København-redaktør for det skandinaviske onlinemagasin Kunstkritikk. Hun har en cand.mag. i moderne kultur fra Københavns Universitet og New York University.

Specifications - Hardcover. 369 pages. Strandberg Publishing

François Halard 3: New Vision

For the past four decades François Halard has had the most privileged view on the world of art, interior design, and culture. From his perch as the photographer of choice of Vogue to World of Interiors, he has captured many of the world’s most cherished spaces. Many of these have been catalogued in the first two volumes of his Rizzoli series. New Vision is the final of his three-volume magnum opus.

From film director Michelangelo Antonioni’s and actress Monica Vitti’s modernist hideaway in Sardenia to the painter Cy Twombly’s family retreat on the Italian coast, from Isamu Noguchi’s private studio in Japan to Luis Barragan’s lost masterpiece in Mexico, these are Halard’s most personal and intimate images yet published. Going beyond mere documentation, these photographs are the results of decades of a trained eye to see beyond the space into its essential soul. As the lover and collector of art and objects himself, each of Halard’s photo is a masterclass in acquiring by looking. Traversing between interior portraiture, authentication, and a cultural x-ray vision, the photographs collected here are a testament to a personal and unique visual imagination.

Specifications - Hardcover. 494 pages. 25.77 x 32.39 cm. 

Pharell: Carbon, Pressure & Time: A Book of Jewels

With pieces drawn from the extensive personal collection of Pharrell Williams, this is a stunning and unprecedented exploration of the “bling” in hip-hop culture and fashion.

Few recording artists have had a greater hand in incorporating the culture of hip-hop into contemporary luxury than Pharrell Williams. Collaborating with Louis Vuitton nearly two decades ago, Pharrell was the first to have his designs integrated into the haute joaillerie of the great maisons. His innovative team-ups continue through to the present day, most memorably with Tiffany and Chanel, and the watchmaker Richard Mille.

The most extravagant of these chains, rings, and pendants—crafted in precious metals and studded with gems—are as much a part of Pharrell’s musical performance as they are of his personal style. His designs, which include one-off pieces such as solid-gold cases for mobile phones and handheld game consoles, have been legendary for featuring iconography of Pharrell’s own brands, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream.

This book was originally published with two different colored covers. Customers will be shipped either of the colors at random. 

Featured in the book are over 100 pieces, many of which he created in tandem with some of the most recognizable designers in the industry—such as Jacob & Co, Yoon & Verbal, and Lorraine Schwartz. With frequent collaborators such as NIGO® and Tyler the Creator, Pharrell discusses his role in the evolution of hip-hop jewelry, the processes involved in the creation of his one-of-a-kind custom pieces, and the state of connoisseurship in a growing market for the most extravagant of hip-hop collectibles.

Specifications - Hardcover. 216 pages. 21.17 x 29.63 cm. 

Parklife Hideaways

Parklife Hideaways


Parkitecture, otherwise known as National Park Service Rustic, is the beloved architectural style of the U.S. national parks and the inspiration for this compilation of homes and off-grid hideaways nestled in some of North America’s most beautiful natural landscapes.


Made in collaboration with Parks Project, Parklife Hideaways shines a light on magical homes built to make minimal impact while celebrating the natural features of the surrounding landscapes and their transcendent vistas.

From the verdant forests of New York State and British Columbia to the snow-covered peaks of Alaska; from the sunset-blessed deserts of Arizona to the rugged California coast, these unique sanctuaries are a testament to conservation and how human design can partner with nature.

Among them are cabins, cozy nooks inspired by treehouses; A-frame structures and desert retreats open to the vastness of the sky. We look at the evolution of parkitecture styles over the decades, as well as the ways in which people adapt to living in remote places. And we meet some of the mavericks who make the dream of living in nature a daily, mindful reality, preserving it for generations to come.

Specifications - Hardcover. 256 pages. 22,5 x 29 cm. 

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