Karhu Trampas "Friendship Pack"

Finland and Japan have a unique history when it comes to running. Back in the 50s and 60s, the Finns were some of the few foreign athletes to travel and compete at the Fukuoka Marathon. A shared appreciation for distance running became the foundation for a long-lasting friendship.

With the biggest global sports event happening in Tokyo this summer, it felt like the perfect time to celebrate this special friendship between the two nations.

Karhu chose to tell this story through our iconic 1960s running silhouette, the Karhu Trampas, deemed by one of the greatest distance running coaches of all times, Sir Arthur Lydiard, as “the best training shoe in the world”.

The “Friendship” Pack inspired by the national colours of Japan and Finland consists of the Trampas in two versions. The M-logo Trampas, the Japan version, features a white grained leather upper and red suede M-logo design, while the Finland version features a blue suede upper and a white grained leather support stripe. Both shoes are decorated with a debossed and gold printed Karhu wordmark, used initially on our footwear in the 50s and 60s. To set the pack apart, both pairs come with free matching Made in Italy socks.

Release on 30th of July