"Held & Lykke Med At Komme Hjem"


'Held & Lykke Med at Komme Hjem' møder vi den evigt dualistiske Ardit der veksler mellem at kritisere og hylde sig selv, og samtidigt beviser hans helt unikke evne til at træde udenfor sin musikalske 'comfortzone' og lykkes med det. Albummet præsenterer en række både mere og mindre forventelige gæster med alt fra KESI til FRAADS, det unge stjerneskud Josva og et af Danmarks pt mest hypede hip hop talenter, Lamin. En stor portion af albummet er produceret af hans efterhånden faste producer 'følgesvende' Anton Westerlin og Adam Hillebrandt.

where dancefloors stand still dj sprinkles

One of electronic music’s most intriguing and often outspoken characters, DJ Sprinkles aka Terre Thaemlitz moved to Japan from the US in 2001 and as Resident Advisor report the mix is his own sonic reaction to Japan’s worrying “Fuzoku” laws, which allows Police to enter and raid clubs for the “crime” of dancing. A recent Time Out Tokyo article highlighted how “venues routinely post ‘No dancing’ signs, with some even sending staff onto the floor to ask customers to stop moving to the music,”. Thaemlitz deeply dug tracklist boasts an esoteric assortment of rarities from a collection of underground ’90s house figures including Fingers Inc, Gene Farris, Lectroluv, Braxton Holmes and Classic Man. Russian deep house producer Alex Danilov and the now defunct MyMy collaboration between Nick Höppner and Lee Jones lend a more contemporary feel to the mix.


Shameboy EP Elias Boussnina

Genre: RnB/urban

Elias Boussnina may be better known by his former alias Yung Coke, but not for much longer. Over percussion infused, hard-hitting, electro-synth beats, his heartfelt vocals are a breath of fresh air with relatable lyrics, smooth harmonies and a gorgeous falsetto which together equals scintillating R&B that the world needs to hear.


1. 5:30

2. Candy

3. Bring the Pain ft. UnoTheActivist

4. 13th Floor ft. Lil Halima

5. She Will

6. Lost Ones

7. Still Here

Specifications - 1 x Blue vinyl EP

Label: Universal Music

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