MYKITA for Storm

The first MYKITA for Storm sunglasses are designed and produced with MYKITA's award winning MYLON technique. This technique boasts individual adaptability, low weight and outstanding durability. The key is a patented polyamide-based material that can be individually adjusted to the wearer. The evolution of the MYLON frames began with a new production process that promised to revolutionize the history of design when launched in the late 1990s; Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) enables the creation of three-dimensional objects as desired. Today SLS is primarily used to make prototypes, with only few sintered products having become everyday commercial items. In 2007 MYKITA began experimenting with the polyamide material, aiming to pioneer it in the production of spectacles. After years of research they developed a complex process that creates a sophisticated finish in several steps and gives the frames a unique visual and tactile appeal.Celebrating the new collection and long friendship, Storm is happy to announce that MYKITA will present a unique in-store installation, featuring more than 40 of their newest designs at Storm. The installation will be launched alongside the MYKITA for STORM collection on May 2nd at Storm, Store Regnegade 1, 1110 Copenhagen