My Journal To


299 kr ~€40,13

Manage stress, find balance and stay focused in a world full of noise.
Packed with guided reflections and actionable exercises, this journal is designed to effortlessly bring your thoughts onto paper. The elegant look and its superior quality transforms daily writing into an enriching and satisfying experience.


- 90 daily templates to make it easy yet effective way to kickstart a journaling habit - - Inspirational quotes and challenges
- 10 advanced reflective exercises ("pit-stops") to help you gain a new perspective and provide a different kind of stimuli
- Creative space in the back for free-flow journaling
- All prompts and reflective exercises used in this book are based on proven principles in positive psychology and other mindfulness practices.

Specifications - Language: English. DIN A5, 244 pages including a reading band and paper pocket Printed and assembled in Riga, Latvia. Designed and distributed in Copenhagen, Denmark. High-quality and EU Ecolabel FSC® certified paper with the ideal feel and stiffness for journaling.