Y-3 AW2019 Collection

Y-3 Fall/Winter 2019 collection celebrates the innovations of Adidas and creative designing of Yohji Yamamoto, bringing sport-style to the streets. In 15 years after its first founding, Y-3 has established its own, well known signature style in the world of fashion sportswear.

The collection pushes boundaries and blurres genres, still keeping the items functional and comfortable. All the designs reflects mr. Yamamoto’s confidence and his humour.

The collection contains unisex apparel, accessories and footwear, as well as some more gender specified pieces. All the items have a follow the same clean cut, but are still playful look, providing a perfect modern armour for street wear.

Mr. Yamamoto’s comprehension of the human body reflects on the clothings’ silhouettes and layers, giving the wearer completely free movement ability.