XXBC with Marcus Paul for Storm

New York, NY: Today, to celebrate the launch of the 20th Anniversary of Storm, XXBC announces a run of 24 one-of-a-kind sweatshirts with creative direction led by stylist and interior designer Marcus Paul. Exclusively for STORM, Marcus Paul worked with XXBC to reinvent the piece using antique and deadstock materials. Each of the 24 sweatshirts produced is crafted from a unique combination of the vintage textiles—curated by Paul—so no two are precisely alike. “XXBC and I share an appreciation for playing outside the rules. Our design process wasn’t about thinking inside a box. It was about looking at the box from the outside and seeing what could—or should—be done differently.” The result is a thoughtful, highly personal piece you'll find nowhere but your own closet. Even the box—finished with embroidered antique fabric—took time (and love) to perfect. The effort shows. Stop by Storm to meet Marcus Paul, 6th of August, 4pm