Video Plethora Magazine

Plethora Magazine is an independent, bianual publication founded in Copenhagen that seeks to challenge the bounds of the conventional magazine format — conceptually as well as physically. More akin to a carefully curated work of art the magazine serves up a novel and thought provoking take on the approach to printed matter that is both infinitely slower than your average glossy mag and excessive enough in format to seriously put the size of any coffee table to the test. Skilfully printed by the monks of a hindu temple an air of serenity permeates from every page of the magazine as the reader is taken on a wondrous and timeless journey far away from the cultural mainstream. In honouring the unique qualities of artisanal printing tradition, Plethora offers a purist take on the future expression of the printed magazine and a quiet ode to all the things left behind by the fast track digilisation. No noize, no ads and no logos, just 52 pages of postersize visual indulgence and tales from the life less ordinary presented in a careful blend of quirky archive material, fine art prints and contemporary artist features.