Video Geza Schoen

"The world of perfume and the small pool of talented perfumers who work within the industry is a fascinating realm to explore. Whilst most of us are familiar with the iconic fragrance bottles and their accompanying campaigns, less is known about the perfumer, or the 'nose' behind them. These individuals are specialists, effectively artists who are highly trained in the concepts of fragrance aesthetics and capable of conveying abstract concepts and moods with delicate fragrance compositions. Geza Schoen is a leading independent nose, and the man behind one of the world's most standout fragrances, Escentric Molecules. Having previously resided in London, New York and Paris, German-born Schoen now lives and works from his home in Berlin, on the top floor of a 1960s apartment block in Kreuzberg. The apartment includes a small laboratory, which contains the all-important tools of his trade: raw materials, a scale and mixing accruements. He has recently realised that a fun way of crossing his modernist apartment, from laboratory to desk, is using a skateboard."