TONSURE by (di)vision

(di)vision has teamed up with menswear label Tonsure in a collaboration that focuses on sustainability and on getting the most out of the least. The collaboration consists of 5 colorways of the iconic bomber jackets from Tonsure that have been reconstructed by (di)vision in Denmark.

The idea of the collaboration has been to take surplus jackets from Tonsure's older collections and give them a new life by mixing them with (di)vision's split and DIY-aesthetics. (di)vision and tonsure has strived to create genderless styles that are open to the user's own interpretation.

The culmination of the collaboration consists of a numbered limited unisex collection, consisting of Tonsure's signature bomber jacket in a new and reconstructed version.

All jackets have detachable pockets with press studs, which makes it possible to take them on and off and create a unique expression - or use the pocket as a purse or clutch. In addition, the jackets has (di)vision’s recognisable zippers in throughout the back to complete the collaboration.

Photo credit: Victor Jones @imvictorjones