Timothy Han

The London perfumer introduces his latest fragrance - Against Nature

Inspired by disruptive minds, for the freethinkers:

Timothy Han constantly reimagines as perfumes iconic literary works, written by some of this world's greatest thinkers, striving to challenge conventions and status quo.

This time, Against Nature is inspired by Joris-Karl Huysmans’ 1884 novel of the same name (or, À Rebours) which marks a break from his previous naturalist roots. The novels theme of decadence and fallaciousness are explored through the perfume, altering perceptions of what is real: a blur between the natural and the artificial, ultimately echoing an alternate beauty.

For this purpose, the unisex scent then uses a mixture of natural and artificially fragranced oils resonating the struggle between imitation and reality.


For Against Nature, Timothy Han has collaborated with New York artist Rafael Melendez to create a series of illustrations which have then been digitally manipulated to reflect the protagonist’s fascination with recreating the natural as artificial.