Stockholm New

The international, multiple award-winning fashion and style magazine Stockholm New was published in a total of twelve issues over the years 1993-2002. It's a well-documented claim that the magazine was trendsetting, even groundbreaking, not only in Sweden but internationally. It’s also generally acknowledged that Stockholm New played a key role in the creation of a new contemporary »Sweden image« — that of a modern, cutting edge scene for fashion, trends, design, and a wide range of creative expressions. In its day, Stockholm New also staged a number of equally trendsetting large-scale lifestyle events in Milan, Tokyo, New York, London, Paris, and, of course, Stockholm. Now the best of the classic material from Stockholm New has been selected for publication in a massive (more than 600 pages hardcover) coffee table book, along with a great deal of newly produced exclusive material — fashion, nudes, landscapes, architecture, still-lifes, art, cultural history, portraits, historic photography and more. For the launch in Denmark the Editor-in-Chief of Stockholm New, Claes Britton will visit Storm to sign this wonderful piece of fashion history. Book launch & signing; 9th of August, 4-6pm at Storm. Pre-order the book now online