Slow Dance, the new scent from Byredo, is an oriental amber, a passage before adulthood, a feeling of joy, clumsiness, knowing and not knowing, a feeling through time, across countries, cultures, and in yourself.

In Slow Dance, Byredo founder Ben Gorham articulates an element of his autobiography through scent; hoping to invoke the tremulous moment before boys take on a mantle of manhood — a mantle not always truthful. The sincerity of this moment in time, before the threshold of adulthood is passed. A moment where girls and boys, women and men are neither so different nor so distant, accepting of each other in a profound and guileless way. This is what is ultimately celebrated in Slow Dance.

The new fragrance will be availabe SEP 5 in EDP (50ml and 100ml), hand cream and hair perfume.

Top: Opoponax, Cognac
Heart: Geranium, Labdanum, Violet
Base: Base: Vanilla, Patchouli