PUMA Ralph Sampson

The Ralph Sampson OG is a reissue of the iconic court silhouette from the 80’s. Celebrating NBA Hall-of-Famer Ralph Sampson’s legacy, the retro sneakers are pulled straight from the archive and relaunched in its original glory as a sport-inspired street style.

A basketball legend from the 80’s, Ralph Sampson played for The Houston Rockets. His incredible height of 7-foot-4 and striking agility allowed him to tower over the rest of the players, elevating the game to unprecedented heights. As the first pick of the NBA Draft in ’83, he averaged 21.0 points and 11.1 rebounds, winning Rookie of the Year in ’84 and NBA All-Star Game MVP in ’85.

The sneakers, custom made for his needs on the court and tailored to fit his size 17 feet, with mid-height construction for ankle support and a lightweight design for speed and agility are stamped with his signature at the side.

Proving the shoes versatility as a fashion statement over 30 years later, the reissue marks its crossover from court to streets for a new generation of basketball fans who care about off-court style as much as on-court performance. Staying true to its heritage look, the mid-top sneakers are given a retro run with a full leather upper, retaining its clean, classic look in PUMA White-Gray Violet-Peacoat colorway.