Parklife Hideaways


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Parkitecture, otherwise known as National Park Service Rustic, is the beloved architectural style of the U.S. national parks and the inspiration for this compilation of homes and off-grid hideaways nestled in some of North America’s most beautiful natural landscapes.


Made in collaboration with Parks Project, Parklife Hideaways shines a light on magical homes built to make minimal impact while celebrating the natural features of the surrounding landscapes and their transcendent vistas.

From the verdant forests of New York State and British Columbia to the snow-covered peaks of Alaska; from the sunset-blessed deserts of Arizona to the rugged California coast, these unique sanctuaries are a testament to conservation and how human design can partner with nature.

Among them are cabins, cozy nooks inspired by treehouses; A-frame structures and desert retreats open to the vastness of the sky. We look at the evolution of parkitecture styles over the decades, as well as the ways in which people adapt to living in remote places. And we meet some of the mavericks who make the dream of living in nature a daily, mindful reality, preserving it for generations to come.

Specifications - Hardcover. 256 pages. 22,5 x 29 cm.