Think Big - Shop Small
Think Big—Shop Small looks at stores with unique retail concepts that offer products and immersive interiors, introducing a new culture of customer experiences.

Highlighting the value of social contact and personal experiences, independent shops bring quality, aesthetic, design, atmosphere - and passion for service.

This book showcases highly unique concept stores, beautifully designed flagship stores, as well as independently run shops that have found new ways to broaden the scope of their offerings and interaction with customers.

Specifications - Hardcover. 256 pages. 21x26 cm.

The ArchDaily Guide to Good Architecture

Drawing on ArchDaily’s curation of more than 40,000 projects over the past 15 years, it spotlights the most innovative built environments of our age—those paving the way for a better, more sustainable future.

Centered around ArchDaily’s 10 principles of good architecture, the book showcases a rich variety of projects—both built and planned—from a sunken restaurant with subterranean views to a Mediterranean cave transformed into a remarkable residence.

Specifications - Hardcover. 336 pages. 

Prefab And Modular

Prefab And Modular


From the tiniest cabins to large-scale buildings, designers and architects all over the world are using prefabrication and modular construction techniques to realize an endless variety of buildings.

Prefab And Modular offers a collection of the most striking residential houses, shacks, cabins, micro-homes and extensions, as well as a range of temporary architecture and public buildings. Catering to architects and designers looking to expand their professional knowledge, as well as homeowners who want to efficiently purchase or extend their homes, this book is a comprehensive compilation of prefabrication and modular construction.

Specifications - Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 256 pages, 24 × 30 cm

The Savile Row Suit

Savile Row is the home of bespoke tailoring. This short street is home to many of the world’s finest tailoring houses, a street where for over 200 years royals, rock stars, and giants of the business and political worlds have come to have their clothes cut, sewn and fitted. Patrick Grant, co-owner of Savile Row tailors Norton & Sons, describes the long-standing traditions of craftsmanship that are maintained in the workrooms of this quiet corner of London’s Mayfair – a fascinating and uniquely storied world. He celebrates the extraordinary ecosystem, from the British weavers and cloth houses to the trimmings merchants, that allows Savile Row to flourish. Grant shines a light on the captivating story of Savile Row, the painstaking processes required to create a bespoke garment, and the story of his personal experiences on this most famous thoroughfare. This book details, for the first time, the complete tailoring methods of several of Savile Row’s finest sewing tailors, providing a detailed step-by-step manual on how to hand-make a pair of trousers, waistcoat, and coat in the Savile Row style, and a shirt in the style of one of Jermyn Street’s finest shirt makers. Richly illustrated, this book gives an insight into a highly discreet and rarefied world of craftsmanship.

Specifications - Full color, Linen Hardcover, tip-in, embossing,
belly band, 176 pages, 22 × 29 cm

Mindful Places To Stay

From A to Zen, breathe in a comprehensive guide of the world’s perfect places to find your inner peace. Fresh summer air, leaves rustling at the backdrop of beautiful sunset, subtle wind caressing your skin as you quietly meditate – if this feels anything like a perfect vacation, Mindful Places to Stay is just the book for you. Through captivating photography and easy reads, the visual pages unveil the most astonishing yoga and meditation retreats and stories behind them. Mindful Places to Stay discovers peace and quiet in breathtaking spots scattered across the world.

Specifications - Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 256 pages, 21 × 26 cm 

Cooking Greens On Fire

Cooking on an open fire is both exciting and a labor of love-it's as much about the time spent preparing the food as it is about eating it. This style of cooking lures chefs of all ages to the out-doors, and the possibilities presented by vegetables in the campfire kitchen are almost endless. From chili sin carne to carrot confit, Cooking Greens on Fire contains 65 recipes for vegetarian campfire dishes of various degrees of difficulty. You will also learn how to build and light a fire, and get to know the equipment, safety measures, and cooking methods best suited for enjoying vegetables over an open flame.

Specifications -  Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 208 pages, 21 × 26 cm

The House Of Green

The House Of Green


As the lines between technology, work, and play become increasingly blurred, it is natural we are drawn towards the simplicity and solace of nature as a salve to our everyday chaos. But what if that tranquility could be achieved as a part of our daily work-life-balance? The House of Green is a collection of the most stunning architecture and interiors incorporating nature into their designs, exploring the benefits to homes, workplaces, and more. From design lovers looking to revamp a home to modern-day professionals searching for new sustainable solutions, The House of Green showcases the equilibrium for that ever-elusive balance.

Specifications -  Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 256 pages  22,5 × 29 cm

The Nature of Swimming

Whether in oceans or lakes, streams, or rivers, humans have been drawn to water and the unique bathing opportunities it offers. This title celebrates our connection with water, focusing on outdoor bathing locations around the world.

From spots nature created expertly herself to places designed by humans to harness rugged and remote surroundings, this book examines in detail the long-standing relationship between humans and outdoor bathing in a way sure to charm the inner bather in us all.

Specifications -  Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 256 pages. 21 x 26 cm

Parklife Hideaways

Parklife Hideaways


Parkitecture, otherwise known as National Park Service Rustic, is the beloved architectural style of the U.S. national parks and the inspiration for this compilation of homes and off-grid hideaways nestled in some of North America’s most beautiful natural landscapes.


Made in collaboration with Parks Project, Parklife Hideaways shines a light on magical homes built to make minimal impact while celebrating the natural features of the surrounding landscapes and their transcendent vistas.

From the verdant forests of New York State and British Columbia to the snow-covered peaks of Alaska; from the sunset-blessed deserts of Arizona to the rugged California coast, these unique sanctuaries are a testament to conservation and how human design can partner with nature.

Among them are cabins, cozy nooks inspired by treehouses; A-frame structures and desert retreats open to the vastness of the sky. We look at the evolution of parkitecture styles over the decades, as well as the ways in which people adapt to living in remote places. And we meet some of the mavericks who make the dream of living in nature a daily, mindful reality, preserving it for generations to come.

Specifications - Hardcover. 256 pages. 22,5 x 29 cm. 

Blue Chip

Blue Chip


Blue Chip gives you a glimpse into a world of fashion, film and celebrity through the eyes of a cat. A firmly tongue in cheek story of how a supernova feline finally escapes a supermodel’s shadow. With colour sketches by renowned fashion illustrator Angelica Hicks, this story charts the perilous path of a loveable cat as he desperately seeks his fame. A perfect gift, appealing to fashion and cat lovers everywhere.

Specifications - Hardcover. 144 pages. 18 x 24 cm.  



Get ready to hit the slopes with Powder, showcasing some of the world's best destinations for skiing, snowboarding, and more. Created in collaboration with Red Bull, this visually stunning book takes you on a journey through breathtaking landscapes, from iconic locations to hidden gems, and reveals the pure, contemplative beauty of snowcapped mountains.

With a mix of action-packed images featuring celebrated snow athletes and contemplative nature shots, Powder captures the exhilarating marriage between space and sport. Explore the Alps, Scandinavia, North America, and Asia through their unique natural wonders, while connecting with top athletes who have conquered the world's most challenging snowfields. 

In addition to being a feast for the eyes, Powder is also an inspirational guide, providing practical tips, maps, and travel information to help you plan your ultimate snowy adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time snow sport enthusiast, this book will enthrall you with the thrill and beauty of winter sports.

Specifications - Hardcover. 256 pages. 30 x 27 cm. 

Cooking On Fire

Cooking On Fire



For decades, open-fire cooking has been considered a pastime reserved for scouts and elite soldiers, leaving the rest of us to grill sausages on the terrace. But open-fire cooking is for everyone. It is sensuous and impractical in the best sense of the word. It is as much about the time spent making the food as it is about eating it.

Cooking on Fire is full of delicious firecooked recipes requiring varying degrees of effort. It teaches you how to build and light campfires, different campfire cooking techniques, the equipment you will need (if any), and everything else you need to know.

You’ll find classic recipes like Chilli Con Carne and roasted chestnuts but also more challenging dishes that require a fair amount of time—which is a good thing. Because if there is one thing the authors would like to accomplish with this book, it is to give you, the reader, the freedom to sit down by the fire, and with food as the excuse, look into the flames, and relax.

Specifications - Hardcover. 272 pages. 21 × 26 cm. 

Wanderlust British & Irish Islands

The British and Irish Isles are a paradise for hikers. They provide a unique blend of breathtaking nature, fascinating local history, and timeless culture. Stunning photography showcases the diverse natural landscapes and rich national history of the region. The book offers maps, valuable insights on the trails, the best time to hike them, and regional specialties that will help readers make the most of their adventures. Whether you're an avid hiker or an armchair traveler, this new addition to the Wanderlust series will take you from the heart of the Scottish Highlands, to the Lake District, Ireland, and onward to the expansive coastline of the English Riviera. In addition to highlighting the natural and historical monuments of the islands, this book celebrates the best hiking trails and details the best of British and Irish culture, providing readers with some unique spots to relax and unwind after a day of exploration. Experience the warmth and hospitality of the locals, and end your island journey by the fireside, savoring all that these remarkable islands have to offer.

Specifications - Hardcover. 288 pages. 22,5x29 cm.

Leaving The Comfort Zone
This book showcases what it’s like to experience the full spectrum of life. From encountering different cultures to embracing the freedom of nature, making friendships, and traversing through new landscapes, this adventure ultimately takes you on a journey of self-discovery.

Filled with striking imagery and expert advice, this book details a 40,000 kilometer journey spanning four years across several countries and continents using one's own muscle power.

Leaving the Comfort Zone provides valuable first hand accounts and insights to plan your own expedition, from where to stay, what to eat, and who you might expect to encounter along the way. This is a vivid chronicle of the human spirit, and what happens when you leave your comfort zone in exploration of the unknown.

Specifications - Hardcover. 320 pages. 22,5x29 cm.




Boatlife visually explores a nomadic lifestyle on the water filled with new landscapes, cultural experiences, and endless adventures.

Through photography, illustrated maps, itineraries, and background information, this book will inspire your own adventure, while taking you on a journey across bodies of water from The Americas and Europe, to voyages alongside Scandinavia and the Arctic Circle.

Thanks to the ever growing popularity of alternative living and flexible work schemes, the boat life movement is fast on the rise. Whether it be spending the summer on the Mediterranean or a weekend in the Caribbean, people are choosing to escape their stressful life on land for a simpler and more mindful world on the water.

Specifications - Hardcover. 256 pages. 22,5x29 cm.

Sublime Hideaways

Sublime Hideaways


Escape to the seafront, or get lost in the wilds of the forest and discover the remote architectural masterpieces that are just as inspiring as your destination.

Spanning all continents, Sublime Hideaways presents a selection of houses that inspire your next grand getaway.

Meet the starships of modern architecture from the last decade and their futuristic antecedents. Plan your next trip with a view!

Specifications - Hardcover. 288 pages.

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