Oio Lab was founded by Joanna Ryglewicz. They create skincare that is not only effective, but also expresses their values and attitude to the world we live in. The company comes from Puszczykowo – a small town on the outskirts of Pozna? in Poland.

What is so special about the products is the combination of a scientific approach with natural ingredients. Oio Lab is where nature meets science. The products include organic, cold-pressed oils of the highest quality as well as plant extracts obtained using innovative methods. They also enrich the natural base with highly selected active ingredients of proven effectiveness. The treatments can contain hydrogenated H-10 retinol, proven to counteract sign of aging or a highly stable vitamin C derivative – maintaining its brightening and antioxidant properties for longer. However, they do not use synthetic additives and preservatives.

Oio Lab is constantly cooperating with many scientific institutions to create new formulas as well as develop effective ingredients.

Oio Lab believes that skin reflects how you relate to the world and effective skincare, combined with a moment of inner peace is the best way to let your unique glow shine through.

Now available online and in store!