Moonmilk Stora Skuggan

The famous Swiss naturalist Conrad Gessner is considered the founder of modern zoology, but as a true 16th century scientist he was also: a prominent physician, botanist, linguist and – of course – spelunking adventurer.

In his 'Descriptio Montis Fracti sive Montis Pilati' from 1555, he chronicles his climb to the summit of Mount Pilatus, but we also get to follow him into the caves of the Alps. 'At night, the moon shines into the cave so brightly the light itself seems to take form, like a mist. It gathers in the ceiling and makes the limestone stalactites glitter and gleam, dripping tears of white liquid into puddles on the rock floor that never dries. Moonmilk.'

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The holy smell of sandalwood is present throughout the entire lifespan of the perfume. The top notes are coupled with fresh lime and dry black tea, while spices and lily of the valley bolster the heart of the fragrance. As the per- fume dries down, the sandalwood remains dominant, with a supportive note of light leather.