maharishi FW17

Strong natural fire hem and high quality military clothing has always characterized maharishi's collections, as the privately owned company masters its strong ethos of respect for nature whilst utilising the latest technology.

Tour D'Afrique

That is why it comes as no surprise when the AW17 collection Tour D'Afrique is another military focused collection with its main inspiration being the occupation of Africa as well as the interplay between Chinese and US occupation of different parts of the Sub-Saharan.

The collection expresses its inspiration sources in the unique mix of traditional Eastern and its patterns with contemporary Western influences and its soft textures. The collection has a natural color palette of earth tones, corals and the key color coltan. Khakis and camouflage colors in the collection expresses the inspiration from the military, with some pieces having been sandblasted to enhance the desert ready look. Finally, in order to add warmth to the winter collection, there are pieces in coral reds and sandy yellows.

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