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Capturing the essence of the pink salt of Punjab, from mines deep in the Himalayan land where the brisk scent of earth tells a tale of the bravery and might of miners who extract the crystals that gleam with hues of rose. Navigating through narrow mountain tunnels and passages that are often dark and damp, the miners brace forward into the caves eventually surrounded by a mystical and ethereal aura. The pink salt sparkles in the light of the miner’s torches, casting a warm and inviting glow while the salt formations look like sculptures carved by nature, an artwork undreamt-of.

A mineral breeze evokes a sense of crystalline purity: the pink salt of Punjab sets against delicate blushing blooms of rose petals, like a glint of moonlight on the miners’ skin.


Top: cypress, edelweiss
Heart: rose, jasmine (Himalaya), frankincense
Base: vetiver, Himalayan cedarwood, pink salt

Specifications - 50 ml. 93% natural