Hima Jomo

The Darjeeling tea fields with the rolling hills covered in vibrant green bushes that stretch as far as the eye can see in the foothills of the Himalayas. Amongst the beauty of these fields lies the perseverance of the farmers, the shadows of their hard work before the break of dawn. Each leaf plucked with tenderness like a mother’s touch, ensuring that each and every bush is healthy and thriving. Nourished with their love, the tea leaves transform into an aromatic flavour of comfort, a reminder of the power of nature and the human spirit, of the profound bond between the land and the people who work it. 

In the mist and clouds of Darjeeling, the tea farmers gently pick the buds of the first flush. The crips and sweet aroma of each leaf lingers on their calloused hands.


Top: bergamot, cardamom
Heart: mimosa, osmanthus, ylang-ylang
Base: Darjeeling (Himalaya), black tea, maté, sandalwood (Himalaya)

Specifications - 50 ml. 95% natural.


Hima Jomo

When Nature Meets Craftsmanship: The rugged mountains of Kashmir offer a breathtaking landscape and crisp air where the majestic Cashmere goats roam freely, grazing on sparse vegetation that clings to rocky terrain. The goats shed their winter coats in the spring season while being harvested with utmost care. The scent of pashmina is soft and sensual, evoking an alluring aroma of cashmere, musk, and body warmth. It reminisces of the gentle care that artisans take during the harvesting of the cloudy-soft cashmere and the weaving of the exquisite pashmina, connecting time-honoured traditions to the smell of mother earth.

The subtle scent of pashmina envelopes in a gentle embrace, reminiscent of the snow mountains and nights by the fire, entwined like a nomad’s fond memory.


Top: juniper, saffron (Himalaya), cinnamon
Heart: white tea, cashmere, orris
Base: sandalwood (Himalaya), ambergris, ambrette seed (Himalaya)

Specifications - 50 ml. 94% natural.


Hima Jomo

Capturing the essence of the pink salt of Punjab, from mines deep in the Himalayan land where the brisk scent of earth tells a tale of the bravery and might of miners who extract the crystals that gleam with hues of rose. Navigating through narrow mountain tunnels and passages that are often dark and damp, the miners brace forward into the caves eventually surrounded by a mystical and ethereal aura. The pink salt sparkles in the light of the miner’s torches, casting a warm and inviting glow while the salt formations look like sculptures carved by nature, an artwork undreamt-of.

A mineral breeze evokes a sense of crystalline purity: the pink salt of Punjab sets against delicate blushing blooms of rose petals, like a glint of moonlight on the miners’ skin.


Top: cypress, edelweiss
Heart: rose, jasmine (Himalaya), frankincense
Base: vetiver, Himalayan cedarwood, pink salt

Specifications - 50 ml. 93% natural
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