K1X x Lee x Richie Culver

K1X’ unique street basketball DNA is alienatedly showcased in traditional Lee denim jackets. Borders of art, street and denim blur alongside Richie’s art pieces. The project is a perfect example of art x street fashion. The exploratory and improvisational approach to making art we find in Richie Culver’s growing oeuvre can be seen as an outcome of the tensions between binary cultural and social opposites — provincial vs. cosmopolitan; cash-strapped vs. affluent; art museum highs vs. street-cultural lows. In what seems an examination of ones experience and inner self, the material outcome of this attitude to creativity can take any one of a range of forms, from gritty documentary photography (much of it made during a period working on a trailer park) to urban bricolage, from primitively executed drawings and paintings through to video. Highly style conscious and yet pragmatic, there is a kind of punk aesthetic at work in Culver’s approach both to art-making and to exhibiting. Richie Culvers work embodies a level of honesty and vulnerability and he has what a lot of young artists today strive for – the artist lifestyle.