Jan Machenhauer

The force field between form and function is what interests Jan Machenhauer. Just as the room can only be experienced through the presence of man, Jan’s clothes come alive on the human body, creating a luxurious room of rich and varied textures and detailed structures – made for movement. This gives Jan’s designs an architectural quality.

The clothes are designed, tailored, and sewn in Copenhagen by a small, intimate staff and based on traditional production values brought to life by hand, using Jan Machenhauer’s own innovative techniques. The materials are nature’s own; linen, wool, cotton, and silk.

The elaborate design is modern but not created as fashion meant to be out-dated and swiftly replaced. These are clothes meant to last, to retain their value and to be handed down, only becoming more beautiful with wear. The designs may at first glance remind you of Japan or Italy, but the choice of colour, the simplicity, and the utility – even in harsh weather – are very Danish.

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