Introducing Lou Dalton

One of the few female designers on the British Menswear scene, Lou Dalton has fast become one of the most in-demand designers in the fashion industry right now. The label of Lou Dalton was founded in 2005 and she worked as a design consultant with clients like Hamish Morrow, UNITED ARROWS and Stone Island, before launching her own label. Her USP is having an innate and all-encompassing understanding of what men want from their clothes: practicality, a dash of adventure and above all else, something that makes the wearer look damn good.


Dalton's collections have often been inspired by the men in her life: her father and her partner. Coupled with her Shropshire roots, this ensures Dalton’s collections continually remain grounded in wearable menswear, while pulling on a variety of intriguing curveball influences, from Apollo missions to caravan dwelling farmhands to Texas oil barons to Scorcese’s "Taxi Driver".