Introducing Liaison de Parfum

Austrian Nana de Bary has created scents for more than a decade, but recently she has launched her own perfume brand: Liaison de Perfume. Big fashion magazines like Vogue has kept a watchful eye on Nana de Bary and in connection with the launch of Liaison de Parfum, American Vogue called the perfumes for "Highly Addictive". All fragrances from Liaison de Perfum are made in France using traditional refined methods of classic perfume art.


All the fragrances from Liaison de Perfum are a tribute to life. For her five new perfumes, Nana is inspired by both people and places she loves. It is the aroma of her elegant grandmother from Vienna, who enters a ballroom wearing a couture dress in silk. And it's the smell of a walk along Sardinia's coast a spring morning many years ago. It is the aroma of self-confidence a dear friend finds in the success of her new career path. It is a world that recognizes a life of remarkable presentations. There are five seductive and mysterious fragrances, inspired by periods in a lively life full of love, and created by romantic essences.

The five fragrances are: As If, Stay With Me, I Dare You, Resist Me and No Matter What