Interview Peter Falktoft

A lot of young guys look up to you and get inspired by your personal style, who inspires you? I don’t think it’s any secret that the one person I look to for style inspiration is Kanye West. I do think it has gotten a bit out of control though, there is a limit to how many chains a white boy can wear at the time. I am also only 1.73 cm, so I have some natural limitations to what looks good. I am 29 now, and I think I have found my own style though. Have you always been interested in fashion? Not really. I grew up mostly wearing football jerseys and Nirvana t-shirts. My parents were both really well dressed. My mother was a stewardess, so visual appearance was important but I kind of rebelled against the standard Ralph Lauren polo t-shirt. Why did you decide to design a sneaker? I have always been a sneaker fanatic. I spent a lot of time in the skater community as a kid, where sneakers were worn not only for comfort but as an important accessory as well. I am not an educated designer but the interest is genuine, it was great working with Casper. Casper and the Beast is a newly started brand, so we had a lot of fun designing together. We wanted to do only a limited stock on this sneaker as it is not about the money, but about the love for sneakers. Does this mean that there will be more designs from you in the future? I would like to design another sneaker with Casper. This was my first try as a designer where you learn as you go along - the next collaboration will probably be a bit more structured. As I said, I have not studied design so I will probably continue to design through collaborations. I would like to look into designing clothes in the future as well. What will be your next sneaker purchase? The Yeezy 350 Boost. I would also like to complete my Nike Independence Day Pack - I’m missing the white sneakers! And finally, what will be the hit of the summer? Drugs You Should Try It by Travis Scott.

The 'Urban Warfare' sneaker from Peter Falktoft x Casper and the Beast will be available online & in-store from 12pm on June 13th.