Interview ÷rjan Andersson

Last wednesday famous founder of Cheap Monday and Weekday, Örjan Andersson visited Storm and talked with us about his inspiration and the concept behind his new label Ö till A.

Where you draw your inspiration from ? "My biggest inspiration is the rich history of jeans itself. I’m fascinated by the tailoring skills that evolved with jeans over the past 150 years, including all old details that still dominating the look of the garment. As well as the important role of jeans in subcultures. A strong influence for my brand and jeans design in genral is the DIY attitude from the punk culture.

What makes your jeans special? "What distinguish me from most other designers is my approach to fashion. I started working in a jeans store when I was 19-years-old and for more than ten years on the floor I learned what problems customers are fighting while buying jeans. The experience of standing in a jeans store during the 90’s helping people find the right size and fit is still important for my creation of jeans. I’m very inspired to make jeans with high quality and design combined with nice cuts and fitting allways with denim in focus. Ö till A are not only my initials but also the end and the beginning of the Swedish alphabet It means that you can do the same thing in several ways, backwards or differently if it feels good and fit your personality. Jeans can interpreted in many ways in the fashion alphabet, as a fashion item or a necessity. It’s up to the carrier, if he or her want’s to see this clothing item from the end middle or the beginning.

How would you describe your jean design? "It’s a fashion denim look with a handsome and clean rock-look combined with traditional jeans attributes."

What can we expect in the future? "For now the main focus will be on jeans accompanied with new tees, jackets, shirts and knitwear ...but you never really know what’s going to happen in the future, right?"

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