Interview Mads Trolle

We interviewed jewelry designer and friend Mads Trolle about his debut collection "Skyline“; How would you describe your jewelry label in one sentence? Ladylike with an edge. Why did you decide to start your own jewelry label? “I have previously worked as part of the design team with Danish brands like Ole Lynggaard, Georg Jensen and Pandora where I designed several collections including the ‘Lovepods’ collection. Establishing a jewellery brand in my own name and designing the first collection is an old dream. It was my original dream when I started to train as a goldsmith at Georg Jensen. This was what I wanted to do with my life. Since then, my career took many turns and I became so involved with the big Danish jewellery brands, that I had almost forgotten what I really needed to do. Realizing that, it felt like I had no choice. I had to do my own thing, or regret it later. I am so happy to finally launched the brand and the collection, it feels like I am fulfilling what I set out to do." What inspired you while designing the "Skyline collection“? The collection is inspired by New York architecture and by architect Oscar Niemeyer. I wanted to design a collection for the modern, confident woman, so the muses for this collection was the young Patti Smith, Charlotte Gainsburgh and the Danish model Freja Behar. To me each of them are beautiful confident women and talented rebels. “Skyline” seemed to be a fitting title for the collection because of the strong architectual references. Top 5 songs at the moment? “Heaven” by Talking Heads. “Tessallate” by Alt-J. “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” by Sakamoto Ryuichi. “Afterlife” Arcade Fire. “Chandelier” by Sia. Best advise you ever got? “Be more you” This is not meant in an arrogant way. To me this is a simple advice for each and everyone of us that really makes sense.