Interview Geza Schˆn

For him, less is more. Where others may mix hundreds of essences, Geza Schön restricts himself to a small selection of top-quality raw materials. The decision is founded on experience, for just a few components frequently produce the most stirring creations. Away from the mainstream, Geza Schön has established an exclusive niche for himself in the perfumer’s art. We talked to Geza Schön about his youth and his new perfume gs03. What olfactive memory is the most powerful for you? Probably being at my grandparents house. you didn't even notice really all the smells you were surrounded by and yet i can still today think of a corner in their house and I can still vividly imagine those smells around, fabulous! What is your favorite scent? My girlfriend sophie. How is it to work for Parfumkunstwerke Biehl, compared to other companies? It is the most pleasurable company to work with, no limits, no restrictions, only the best ingredients. For your new scent gs03 you reworked the classic 'eau de cologne' - where did the idea come from and was it difficult to work on a scent so well known? As a perfumer you always look back as well, into older ideas, classics and whatever there has been to then modernize those ideas or bring them up to speed of nowadays. Same here: the oldest of all perfumes, the eau de cologne theme with the orange blossom, modernized. What are your 5 favorite songs at the moment? 5??? i give you one, a very good one : Daughter - Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover) Buy the new gz03 here