Donít think just paint!

We interviewed Danish artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen about her new book Deco Mannequin, her inspiration and her favorite tunes. How would you describe your art in one sentence? Melancholy, mysterious, layered Why did you call your book Deco Mannequin? By reflecting forms of cultural expression such as theatre, dance, fashion in my works, I point to the performative in our being and how we present ourselves to others. I have titled the book Deco Mannequin, because lately I have been very much inspired by Art Deco, Cubism and the 1920s. I work with constructed identities and I use the mannequin, the mask and the puppet in my work. I am in a way a sort of puppeteer. The essential thing is that my portraits are not necessarily portraits of particular people, but rather repetitions of portraits from the history of art. From paraphrased portraits to more ordinary portraits of people one might know. Most recently several portraits have emerged of authors, designers and others, who have a personal significance to me as well along with portraits of my family. What are your sources of inspiration? Lots of art, Chris Ofili, Peter Doig, Klee, Picasso, Kaye Donachie, David Noonan, cubism, theatre, fashion, traveling, books, being at our country house in Sweden…being with my lovely family! Top 5 songs at the moment? Thomas Dybdahl; One day You´ll Dance For Me, New York City, Band of Horses; No One´s Gonna Love You, Jose Gonzales; Stay Alive, Florence and The Machine; You´ve Got The Love, Best advise you ever got? Don’t think just paint! Have a closer look at Cathrine Raben Davidsen's new book here