Common AW13

For AW13 COMMON explores the core andfoundation of the brand, its identity and DNA. They dig deep in their Scandinavianheritage of minimal monochrome aesthetics and mix it with loud and bold print that has come to define COMMON. Every season COMMON works with a Swedishcreative artist and for AW13, the COMMON GROUND guest collaborator is the graphic duo Stinsensqueeze. STSQ ( stinsensqueeze ) is a design studiobased in London & Paris by Stina Gromark& Louise Naunton Morgan. Through analysisand deconstruction of preexisting systems,STSQ aims to restructure frameworks and generate innovative design methods that lead to undetermined outcomes.The graphic prints developed together withSTSQ are inspired by the 90’s obsession withlogos and brand recognition that led to theterm Logomania. The result is a strong gra-phic collection in bold black, clean whitesand graphite shades of grey. There are also accent colours of olive greens and gold.