Christmas Gift Inspiration by Storm #2

Even though there are just a few days left until Christmas Eve, you can still buy the last Christmas presents at Storm. To make it easier for you, we've made a part 2 of our small series of gift inspiration. The first part of the series is available here.
Hand washes from Byredo: For every home a good hand wash is an essential. Byredo's hand care line unites pleasure and function, eloquently enhancing the most habitual of gestures with fragrance. The hand wash is available in four different fragrances: Vetyver, Suede, Tulipmania and Rose. Available online and in store.
Green, Red & Black from CDG Parfumes: This unisex trio from Japanese Comme des Garçons Play first launched in 2012 and has since been the favorite fragrance for many people. With three different smells, there must be one for your loved one. Available online and in store.
Oio Lab: Are you looking for advanced skincare that gives noticeable results? Oio Lab has the solution. Their products are formulated and scientifically tested in their laboratories to offer you high-quality treatments that actually work. Explore all products from Oio Lab are available online or in store.
Avolt: The infamous extension cord called 'The Square' from Swedish Avolt allows you to charge your devices fast and convenient with its three sockets and two USB ports. As an extra feature, it can also be mounted on the wall or under your desk with an integrated magnet. The cord is available in black and grey online and in store.
Thumbsucker by Stora Skuggan: Thumbsucker is the fifth fragrance from Stockholm based perfumery Stora Skuggan. It’s a narcotic nectar floriental inspired by the reason babies suck their thumbs according to Hindu mythology. The fragrance is available online or in store.
The illustrations are made by Olivia Lee Storm.
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