Casc8 was founded in 2018 in Copenhagen by Sara Emilie Terp. After having studied at Central St. Martins in London and worked for the fashion house Céline - she lived in India for 6 months where she started the close collaboration with the Artisans.
Casc8 works with an NGO organisation and local Artisans in Gujarat, India - whose initiative is to collect plastic waste polluting the landscape and then transform it into a useful material through a process of hand-weaving.

The initiative in Gujarat, Bhuj was started by a group of female Artisans, who were fed up with seeing their local surroundings destroyed by the masses of plastic waste. They decided they wanted to try and make a material out of the “free” plastic lying around everywhere, which they then could sell and create an income for themselves.
Each plastic design comes with a story : Some are made from woven from up-cycled cassette tape, some designs are made from discarded cookie-paper wrapping and some plastic sheet are woven with organic cotton.