As already seen in drop 1, the american iconography is a key focus of Raf Simons’ new direction for Calvin Klein. Included within the first delivery of Calvin Klein Jeans est.1978 was styles that feature a reimagined version of the iconic Brook Shields image from the Calvin Klein Jeans 1980 advertising campaign. This is a reappropriation of the collaboration between three American icons: Calvin Klein, Richard Avedon, Brooke Shields.

The second drop from Calvin Klein features graphics which explore an ambiguous and almost dream-like version of American pop culture from an outsiders perspective. Fantasy logos in block colours, worn as emblems on t-shirts and sweatshirts are featured in this second drop, together with the recognisable CK monogram which is provocatively reinterpreted as “OK” - the ultimate American expression. This graphic is about the international confusion of fake and real and its ambiguity is international, sophisticated and aimed to create a cult object.