Bella Freud

British fashion designer Bella Freud founded her eponymous fashion brand in 1990. She quickly became a favorite in fashion, due to the success of her signature sweaters with slogans such as „Je t’aime Jane“ and „Ginsberg is God“ which was a tribute to Jane Birkin and poet Allen Ginsberg. The next step was to translate the design ideas into scent, which is when the brand released its first range of covetable scented candles with the same slogans. After teaming up with perfumer Azzi Glasser, the scents have been taken to the next level and a trio of perfumes has been launched! While “Ginsberg is God” is a unisex perfume and has slightly more masculine notes such as Black Pepper and sacred woods, “Je t’aime Jane” and “1970” is more an homage to the feminine, seductive, and smoldering sexiness of the 1970s with Jasmin Night Flower, Orange Blossom, Rose de Mai and blonde wood notes. Get the perfumes & candels HERE