Ark Journal

Vol. 1
Ark Journal

A high quality Copenhagen-based magazine of interiors, design, architecture and art. Founded by Editor-in-Chief Mette Barfod, the magazine encapsulates the enduring values, aesthetics and atti- tudes that are the essence of the Scandinavian way of life, but with an international perspective. They visit extraordinary homes and studios around the world and interview creatives about their philosophies and influences. Combining original photography, insightful commentary and im- peccable design, the magazine will inspire and engage a dedicated global audience of design oriented consumers and professionals.

Mette Barfod has brought together a team of talented and experi- enced stylists, photographers, writers and designers who share her vision for a thoughtful and style defining magazine with a clear independent voice.

Before founding this new magazine, Mette Barfod created and ran a leading Danish design magazine for more than a decade.

First issue is coming out on 28th of March and will be available online and in-store.