NOBO Collection

AMBUSH -- that has ascended to the highest of fashion circles whilst pulling off the feat of keeping its underground appeal, enters this season with apparel for the rainy days, along with a quirky, invigorating grunge twist.

Plaids, fleece, vinyl and nostalgia prints -- all remade to suit a modern-era teen spirit, set the scene for Yoon's cinematic punk hardware, on display through an array of keys and cable chains. Further down the road, we found ourselves swept away by a hazy wave of childhood reminiscence, where acidulous glass beads on necklaces and earrings, came wrap our rebel-hearts in sweet syrupy memories.


Model: Juliet S.

Photo & Style: Oriane C.

Sunnies: Céline

Clothes and Jewelry: Ambush Design

Sneakers and Jeans: Juliet's own