Akins is a new Danish accessories brand founded by two brothers. Their first collection of classic men's hats, all hand made in Copenhagen, is now available. We sat down with the two brothers for an interview about Akins, personal style and London vs. Copenhagen. You have a very unique personal style, where does the inspiration for your own personal style comes from? We have not always been into fashion, we started getting really into it a few years ago, when we were living in London. The surroundings in London allowed us to explore and experiment with our own personal style, so that is where we found our own style. Why did you decide to start designing hats? We have been wearing hats for a long time, and found that it added a personal touch to our style. We have always travelled a lot and found a lot of our hats abroad in cool shops and various vintage markets. When we came back to Copenhagen we sensed that there was a big interest in hats and that motivated us to create our own. How would you compare the street style in London vs. Copenhagen? Living in London is very different to Copenhagen. The different areas of the London are so different to each other compared to Copenhagen. Londoners are generally more daring with their style compared to Copenhagen, people are not afraid to mix fun elements into their personal style. There are also great sources of inspiration in Copenhagen, but the street style here is much more classic and minimalistic. Where do you see Akins in 10 years? The dream for Akins in 10 years time would be for it to be a well established brand that creates anything from accessories to trousers to jackets - both for men and women. We have a lot of exciting ideas and designs which we are looking forward to bringing to life. We are already working on a new collection which will be ready for fall. What do you think are wardrobe essentials for men? We think every man should own a fitted suit. The suit is the basic element that you can combine with different other elements, from there you can create various outfits. The goal for us is to find the ideal balance between classic and modern. A wardrobe essential is of course also an Akins hat! What is the best advice you have ever received? The best advice we have ever received is that fit is everything. When we are buying a suit, a pair of trousers or a jacket, we always make sure it has the perfect fit because every person is different. Fit and quality goes hand in hand which is why a visit to the tailor is a necessity.