Adidas x Sean Wotherspoon

Sean Wotherspoon is a Los Angeles-based designer known for his unique use of materials and colors. The cornerstone for all his projects is sustainable living.

At first, the Superstar was designed to be a basketball shoe. The rubber outsole was used to feet more flexibility and the shell toe was made to protect the player's toes. After being adopted by the hip hop scene in the '80s, it became the streetwear icon that it is today.

This version retains all the heritage of the OG Superstar, but is reimagined together with Sean Wotherspoon: a dedicated sneaker designer, collector and store owner. He mixes his passion for vintage streetwear together with his vegan spirit to put a unique spin on a classic. "We researched plant based, recyclable, alternative, and vegan materials that we could incorporate into the shoe so it can have multiple lives". - Sean Wotherspoon.