A/W 13 Givenchy

For the first time, Riccardo Tisci brings the sensual Givenchy man to the world of rock and roll. The fall/winter collection revisits his obsessions with America, sport, sexuality, greek neo-classicism, the flag of the United States of America, and infuses a strong latin attitude and mapplethorpe iconography. The overall mood is powerful whilst the silhouettes mix high couture elegance, utility workwear and urban streetwear. Inspired by black and white imagery celebrating the body and sexuality, the collection is rooted in this binary palette but studded with various hues of grey. Starched leather paired with chunky charcoal tweeds offer a contrast between shiny and matte textures. A cotton poplin shirt features sleeves and shoulders in velvet. A collar-less duffle coat is constructed of grained leather and compact wool. An x-ray print of the stars & stripes appears on a velvet sweatshirt.