4 Verduu fragrances

Verdúu stands up for a thriving, living culture of authentic, unique perfumes.

In order to give up-and-coming fashion designers the freedom to realize their own vision. Verdúu has designed a collaboration process where a perfumer translates the inspiration of a designer, in its purest, most true form into a scent.

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The label Verdúu was founded in 2015 by Alexander botov (Munich) because of his love of perfumes and the willingness to transfer the creative potential of young designers from around the world into outstanding fragrances.

He won Mark Buxton (Paris) over to become a partner in charge of the perfume creation and philosophy behind the heart of the Verdúu fragrances. The team was completed with a third visionary mind through Björn Jonas (New York), who took the role as Creative Director, giving Verdúu its poetry, face and identity.

Working with young designers to create something new and unprecedent exites us. Due to the small size of all Verdúu bottles, people are granted access to high-quality perfumes from young visionary designers. This was we encourage people to seek out more of the designers work.

The first perfume launched in 2015 was from the Berlin-based Designer Hien Le. The following two perfumes from Michael Sontag (FORM) and GOETZE (Gegenwart) launched in January 2016.