Hima Jomo

1.299 kr ~€174,36
When Nature Meets Craftsmanship: The rugged mountains of Kashmir offer a breathtaking landscape and crisp air where the majestic Cashmere goats roam freely, grazing on sparse vegetation that clings to rocky terrain. The goats shed their winter coats in the spring season while being harvested with utmost care. The scent of pashmina is soft and sensual, evoking an alluring aroma of cashmere, musk, and body warmth. It reminisces of the gentle care that artisans take during the harvesting of the cloudy-soft cashmere and the weaving of the exquisite pashmina, connecting time-honoured traditions to the smell of mother earth.

The subtle scent of pashmina envelopes in a gentle embrace, reminiscent of the snow mountains and nights by the fire, entwined like a nomad’s fond memory.


Top: juniper, saffron (Himalaya), cinnamon
Heart: white tea, cashmere, orris
Base: sandalwood (Himalaya), ambergris, ambrette seed (Himalaya)

Specifications - 50 ml. 94% natural.