June 28


1.399 kr ~€187,79
Keywords for the fragrance are enigmatic, sultry and gourmet.

“You knew of it as an unholy place that society ranted and warned you about. Located in West Village, NYC, was the Stonewall Inn, a shady bar frequently visited by drag queens and outsiders. In the early hours of June 28, 1969, this area became the birthplace of the Stonewall Uprising, one of the most significant social turning points in modern history. Some even - truthfully - state: 'The first pride was a riot`.”

Top notes: Saffron, Black Pepper
Mid notes: Indonesian Patchouli, Cumin
Base notes: Murrh Absolute, Castoreum Reproduction, Papyrus Wood, Cade Wood

Specifications - 30ml. / 100ml. Eau de Parfum. 

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