The North Face presents the second drop of its latest Black Series collaboration: the Kazuki collection.


Created in collaboration with Japanese designer/graphic artist Kazuki Kuraishi, part two of this highly anticipated collection is focused on his interpretation of TNF Urban Exploration’s “Seamless” theme. “In my mind, ‘Seamless’ means that you can wear it to work, and also on the weekend,” Kazuki explains, “so there aren’t really any boundaries. I perceive ‘Seamless’ as clothes you can simply wear, no matter the occasion or place or mood.”

Attuned to TNF Urban Exploration’s vision to balance utility with fashion — where high-quality outdoor-inspired silhouettes are translated for the urban setting — Kazuki has created a unique modern-street look that combines premium materials and innovative details with his distinctive Japanese-minimalist styling. Known for creating a very wearable style elevated by technical/utility elements and decorative finishes, Kazuki says “function came first before design” in this collection.

Famed as an exceptional “functional streetwear” designer, Kazuki’s career began as an intern for NIGO at the iconic Japanese brand, A Bathing Ape; and flourished under the mentorship of Hiroshi Fujiwara of fragment design. Today, he’s evolved his own signature style that combines a clean “lifestyle aesthetic” with an “easy to wear” approach — yet, always with technical acumen.