The Llanero Editi


499 kr ~€66,98

Wanderum – a sum of the words Wanderlust and Rum – is created by the two Danish adventurers Anders Bilgram & Morten Kirckhoff. They’ve travelled to Columbia to select the finest sugarcanes. The rum has been distilled, barrel aged and bottled in Denmark. The fine crafted rum has been highly awarded at Sprits Awards across the globe.

This fine rum - the Llanero edition is a tribute to the legendary Llaneros, the adventurous Colombian herders who watch over cattle on the Llano’s vast tropical plains. Renowned in life and folklore for their skills on horseback and love for nature, the Llaneros are courageous, noble and generous - the true friend of adventurers and wanderers whom might cross their roads.

This Wanderum edition is distilled and blended to capture the valiant spirit of the Llaneros. Crafted in Colombia from cane juice using premium sugarcane from inaccessible hillsides and blended with rum crafted in Denmark. Finished with first class cane syrup.

Specifications: 42 % vol., 50 cl, comes with a Wanderum mug.

Please note: Rum is shipped only to EU.